Friday, October 16, 2009

She's also a Lumberjack??

hey rita! Well, the "hey rita" bag is leading somewhat of a charmed life I'd say, but my recycled jeans jacket "pocket change" leads a rather hard work life! Just check out a few of the many jobs I do every day in my jacket - no pretty dining rooms, quilt shows or fancy bathrooms here - just hard rugged WORK! I finally got my load of logs out - had to promise the crew chocolate cake as a reward for taking the pics!!! Back to work at the sawmill now, to get these logs into lumber - its all in a days work, logger babe jan

THANKS for sharing, Jan!! I had NO IDEA you were a lumberjack!! You and your jacket seem to be having a fine time. I'm quite sure you take the prize for "most interesting lumberjack jacket in the entire Pacific Northwest."

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