Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quilt Market Headlines

WELCOME PACIFIC FABRICS customers! I don't know why you ended up on this particular page of the Sew Expo Blog...there are actually some updates available.

Be sure to visit my Rita's Sew Fun blog (

I just put up a wonderful slide show with some of my favorite QUILTS from Quilt Festival in Houston. I write on the Rita's Sew Fun blog every single day -- and posts will go up on this show blog once a week (usually on Tuesdays).

THANKS for coming!!

On set-up day, I took about 50 pictures of booths that were being built. One of my "funny shots" was of this cardboard cutout of Mark Lipinski in the Northcott fabric booth. I made a mental note to look him up during Market, and hopefully get an interview with him...

Imagine my surprise and DISAPPOINTMENT when I heard Mark had resigned from his magazine!! Last night, I went on to the hotel computer to confirm that story -- and on his website he announced that he not only quit his magazine, but he was no longer associated with Quilt Out Loud or QNN TV. Hey -- that was all news to me -- so I'm pretty sure it's news to you, too!! BUT -- I'm pretty sure Mark has some bigger and better things in the works, so I'll keep you posted.

The next picture is a candid moment with the Pacific Fabrics crew...there they are, eating a gigantic baked potato with Amy Barackman. What were they talking about?? OF COURSE -- THE SEWING AND STITCHERY EXPO...I have an interview with Amy -- so you'll be hearing lots more about what she's bringing to Puyallup in future posts!!

P.S. Of course, they all coveted my bag...I had to keep a good eye on Amy to make sure she didn't hijack Hey Rita...

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