Friday, October 2, 2009

My Jeans Details

This is, for me, considered a close-up of my butt....

When I decided the back pocket needed some decoration -- the problem is always the same. It's a lot of work to actually REMOVE the pocket. Or -- I could just decorate the pocket through all the thicknesses -- thus, losing it as a pocket. Hummm. THEN I decided to compromise. In this picture -- you can see I just cut down two sides of the pocket, leaving it attached at the bottom.

After I added a layer of zebra stripe fabric, I restitched the two side seams then cut a design out of the denim.

Also -- I confused some of you with my early photos. Originally, the jeans I was recycling had red and blue calico reverse applque.

But, obviously, at some point, I decided it HAD TO BE ZEBRA STRIPE. So, yes, I cut away all the red and blue and placed a big piece of zebra stripe knit behind the denim. I loved it so much, I cut out some extra designs...fringed the sides...well, you know the rest...

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