Saturday, October 3, 2009

Email about Jeans Challenge

Hi Rita -
My husband and I have been traveling all summer in our motor home. We've been home a couple of weeks and I am trying to catch up on all the news on the internet. I see where you had a jeans recycle challenge. I just thought I would send you what I did with some old jeans that I have saved over the years. I took the back leg of the jeans as they are less worned than the front leg. I just entered it in ASG's National Sewing Month contest. I thought you might like to see also. I love coming to the Sewing Expo every year. I used to live in the state of Washington so it was easy for me to come. I now live in Green Valley, AZ but I still come for a girl's 5-night vacation. Keep up the good work.

Rita says -- Hey, Sue -- THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time to write. And I LOVE your jacket. I promise you -- I will recognize it in Puyallup if you wear it. Maybe we should make one day a denim- recycle-challenge-day. Think about it, ladies...

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  1. Sue! That is a CLASSY jacket! You can dress it casual or fancy - its beautiful!! We hope you do well in the contest - keep us posted! Be sure and wear it at Puyallup - Rita put out the challenge and there could be quite a few of us!!! bonne and jan, "inspired2sew"