Monday, March 28, 2011

Completely Random Pictures

Okay -- this was fun! I basically opened my "2011 Expo" picture file and scrolled down, with my eyes closed, and picked five pictures. (which is all I can upload at one time).

In this first shot -- filling the room for Friday Night LIVE (you were a rambunctious audience) -- Eleanor Burns, Lana and Sue are handing out the Baby Lock Goody bags...

I probably was NOT supposed to take this picture! This is Deanna Springer, in her secret "office". Cellphone, laptop, coffee -- and she's good to go! Deanna is on the "Z Team" -- and she was working in a corner of the Clover lounge -- to meet YET ANOTHER DEADLINE...

I took this picture in Mary Mulari's class -- over in the Centennial you see yourself?

It was a packed house -- STANDING ROOM ONLY...
This is a snapshot of the vendor floor in the Showplex. ...
2011 was a REALLY GREAT SHOW!! THANKS AGAIN FOR are the best....

I have enjoyed getting your emails -- and am already looking forward to NEXT YEAR.

Here's a link to an article WSU wrote about our fabulous Pillowcase Patrol Thanks, Richard!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pillowcase Patrol

Be sure to jump over to my personal blog, Rita's Sew Fun to watch the SLIDE SHOW for the Pillowcase Patrol!!

Scroll down to Sunday -- March 20...


AND -- ON WEDNESDAY, March 23 -- I'm posting a video "interview" with Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine.


Monday, March 21, 2011


Just one week after the show -- I received this surprise email:

Hi Rita...Thought you might like to see the Quick Zip Bag I made for my Granddaughter's trip to Okinawa. My Marine Grandson is stationed there. I found the perfect black and white zipper for it at the Ghee's booth at SEW EXPO!!!

Bonne and Jan did a great job designing this bag! I missed Friday Night Live this year, as we couldn't attend on Friday....but really enjoyed Ricky Tims on Saturday night....:) Granddaughter LOVES the bag! Hope she gets to use it, in light of recent events. We had a great time at Expo this year....our 21st year to attend...and my Daughter got to go with us this year! Love your blog! Thanks.....Linda B. in Othello, WA.

Thanks so much for sharing, Linda! I am not surprised your granddaughter loves her new tote bag.

AND thanks, too, for reading my blogs. Your smile is what Expo is all about...and our Inspired2Sew duo will be DELIGHTED to see that their new totebag pattern is the very first FINISHED project from the 2011 Sewing & Stitchery EXPO.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lynn Browne's Sewing Rookie

Coats just posted some GREAT PICTURES from the 2011 Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition

I LOVE THE ZIPPER attitude!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Shots from 2011

Friday Night LIVE audience...I see ONE of the Ya Ya Stalkers...where's Chris? And what did she do with Judy?? More about their CRAZY gifts for me & Mary in a later post...I'm trying to get my Expo pictures in some kind of shape so I can FIND THINGS

Here are a few of our Australian visitors! I HOPE London got a picture of their whole group...time will tell...and there will be lots more about this group coming in future posts...

Jan and Bonne helping Linda McGehee in the Pfaff room on Wednesday. Right? Wow. those three-needle classes SELL OUT IN A HURRY...OF COURSE you know you'll be seeing many more pictures of our Inspired2SEW duo!!

IT WAS A REALLY GREAT SHOW!! Although our attendance was down by 800 -- in today's "new economy" -- that was actually a HUGE victory. The evening events were both sold out, and we had over 600 attending our Sunday morning Coats & Clark charity event.

THANKS FOR COMING...keep reading this blog to see if I got good picture of you!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pillowcase Patrol

Yes -- OVER 2300 PILLOWCASES...!!

Coats & Clark put up some great pictures -- check out their BLOG

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seattle Television

IT WAS A GREAT, GREAT SHOW. Wow. I'm beat. It was amazing.

Our very own Princess brought her friend Jim to the show -- and they did a story about it on the Friday K-5 Evening Magazine. As I'm sitting in the Seattle airport, working my way back to Iowa -- I thought I'd try to post a link.