Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seattle Television

IT WAS A GREAT, GREAT SHOW. Wow. I'm beat. It was amazing.

Our very own Princess brought her friend Jim to the show -- and they did a story about it on the Friday K-5 Evening Magazine. As I'm sitting in the Seattle airport, working my way back to Iowa -- I thought I'd try to post a link.


  1. Topless triangle stripper.
    This was pretty funny for a guy who does not sew.

    or, the singing singer sewing repair man from Seattle.

  2. Expo was great, but sad news afterwards. The Pacific Fabric store on Meridian Street, home of the wonderful After Hours Parties, will be closed as of 1 June 11. No new location, just closure of this store due to loss of the lease. So, this years After the Expo parties were the last. The staff was informed yesterday as was the wednesday night block of the month club. Luckily April is the last month for all of the 2010-2011 quilt. After 1 June the local Pacific Fabric devotees' nearest locations will be either the Bellevue store or across the Narrows Bridge to the Bremerton store. We won't be left high and dry as there are several excellent local quilt shops and JoAnn's in the area. So, please send you thanks and goodbyes asap to the Will Be Greatly Missed staff at: Pacific Fabrics 3715 South Meridian Street Puyallup WA 98374 or emails to comments@pacificfabrics.com which is the email address for all locations and staff.

  3. In my previous post I forgot to mention the Hancocks fabric store in Tacoma.