Monday, February 28, 2011

Jan & Bonne and CLARE

You only have TWO CHANCES to see the Inspired2Sew duo. The first two days of the show -- at 12:30 on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY ONLY -- on the Expo Runway (upstairs in the Pavilion). Jan Potter and Bonne Swett have more fun than anybody I ever met. They are longtime friends and Expo fans. Every year, they buy the same fabric, pattern, or new notion -- and then CHALLENGE each other to create something original. Here I am with them, wearing last year's Pink & Red challenge...

It was such a delight to have one of our young sewing enthusiasts, Clare meet Jan & Bonne -- (pictured here with me and her Mom) .

Clare really got into the Inspired2Sew SWING of things...Jan & Bonne included her in a challenge -- and I believe there was a lot of email trash-talking ramping up to the show...! I asked Clare for a little bio -- she wrote:

"I am 13 and have been sewing for 6 years. I am starting to really enjoy it. I knit and embroider. My other interests are reading, cooking, being with family and friends.

I am so happy to have met Jan and Bonne. I had had previous sewing experiences that were not fun. Last year after meeting them I was again interested in sewing and it has been great to be in touch with them. I really feel like someone cares about making sewing fun.

Looking forward to seeing you.

THANKS, CLARE...for playing our sewing game!! And I love, love, love the picture of you in your "make it with wool" entry!!

This certainly looks like a winner to me! We are all looking forward to seeing what you came up with for the Inspired2Sew challenges, Clare.


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