Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay -- I'm packing my bags here in Iowa. Excited about my GREAT NEW SHOW CLOTHES!! Thanks again, Deb. I am sending you a thank-you-box of treasures today. (well, okay, maybe it's also MORE embroidery projects for you to do...)

Laura had a great idea! NEWBIE TIPS.

HERE are Rita Farro's Top Ten SewExpo TIPS:
  1. Wear comfortable shoes. If you're doing it right -- you will walk miles and miles...
  2. Have your class schedule print-out handy -- maybe in a side pocket of your totebag.
  3. Oh yeah -- BRING A BIG TOTEBAG. Remember -- we do not provide totebags. AND we are having a TOTEBAG CHALLENGE. Go to the Creative DRAWings booth -- and enter to win $799 embroidery software!!
  4. CHECK OUT THE FREE STYLE SHOW SCHEDULE. Remember -- on the Expo Runway -- on Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- there are SIX FREE FASHION SHOWS every day. It's a great place to go and sit in a comfy chair for a bit...(the Expo Runway is upstairs, in the Pavilion).
  5. Make sure your cellphone is fully charged. It's the #1 way to hook up with your people -- but it doesn't do you any good if the battery is dead...
  6. Carry your credit card and/or cash -- in a small "neckpurse". The easier it is to get to it -- the better off you'll be. The booths get very busy during the class breaks, and you don't want to spend time fumbling for your credit card or money.
  7. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BAG CHECK. It's conveniently located between the Pavilion and the Showplex. You DON'T NEED TO CARRY YOUR PACKAGES AROUND ALL DAY LONG.
  8. If you want it -- BUY IT WHEN YOU SEE IT. Remember, our vendors ship their merchandise in for this show -- and when it's gone, it's usually "gone". In many cases, they only printed or produced a certain number. They use Sew Expo to market their newest and latest patterns and books...the hot items ALWAYS SELL OUT...
  9. Pack some healthy snacks but do save room for some Fischer Scones. I mean -- IT'S SEW EXPO!!
  10. Another great place to take a sit-break is the Free Stage. Located in the Showplex -- there is a different presentation every hour -- and you just might accidentally learn something!
  11. Did I already say -- WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES? (it would have been 10 tips if I had left out the Fisher Scones tip...I mean...really??)


  1. Hi Rita!
    Thanks for the tips! I wasn't sure where to post this question, but it came up on the Expo Yahoo group - Some were wondering why Martha Pullen isn't going to be at the Expo again this year. Can you share why not?

    Thanks! --Deanna Briggs, Puyallup

  2. And, with our crazy weather, bring snowshoes :-)
    It's currently pouring down snow right now.
    Laura in Puyallup

  3. Bring preprinted mailing labels to sign up for newsletters and mailing lists at vendor's booths, as well as entering the door prize drawings. I print some out with name, address, phone number & email address. Makes it easier & faster to sign up, plus someone can actually READ it!

  4. Deanna -- there is no big mystery about Martha. She is FINE -- and busy all the time. But Puyallup is a long way from home for her -- and she brought a lot of staff. At the end of the day, IMHO, with booth fees, motels, meals, salaries -- she just wasn't making any money.

  5. It's Fisher Scones, not Fischer. Thanks