Thursday, February 3, 2011

Motel OFFER?

This is an email I received -- and I'm just passing it on....this is EXACTLY what this blog is sounds like a great offer -- and if Sig worked in my rooms many times before -- she must be an honest, trustworthy person who I'd enjoy sharing a room with!! (although, I'm staying in Gail Brown's condo this year...and can hardly wait!!)

GREAT RATE, SIG -- and thanks for getting the information to me...

I doubt that you remember me, but my name is Sig and I am one of the CTAs that have worked your rooms before - actually many times before :)

I stopped by a motel in Fife on my way home (Seattle) from Tacoma a few weeks ago and reserved a room so I can get more sleep during Expo this year.

As I was talking with the manager, she made an offer. I don't know if you can add this to your blog or not, and I have not been in the rooms so do not know what they are like, but it sure sounds like a good deal for the attendees.

If we can get 20 rooms filled with Expo attendees, she will provide FREE SHUTTLE service to Expo! That is virtually door to door service! No lugging packages all the way to those parking lots. And for those flying in, this could solve their transportation problems. Or at least maybe save them the cost of renting a car. And for those that live a few hours away and normally
drive, if they split the room with a friend, well the cost of gas and the lack of sleep make this a serious consideration.

Anyhow, the deal is that this motel is only 15 minutes away by the back roads. (on the yahoo list, people have mentioned that they are staying as far away as Federal Way!) $44.99 for a single, $54.99 for a double. This is NOT the price they will get if they book through the website or the 800 number. They need to book with the manager and mention I told them about it or write to me at and I will get them in touch with the manager.

The motel used to be an EconoLodge but is now a Rodeway.

So would you consider adding this to your blog?

So they can email me if interested at and I will give them Karla's info.

thanks so much

(I know and I am sure you do too, how hard it can be to find a place to stay when you are unfamiliar with the area, and "helpful" people at hotels/motels will say they are really close to where you want to be, only to find out that they are definitely NOT close at all (like those poor people staying in SeaTac and Federal Way).


  1. Rita, please consider going back and editing your post. Sig asked that you please NOT post the managers personal cell phone number and email address. Hugs, Myshalla

  2. someone needs to check the rooms out! $55 for a room that isn't nice, Isn't nice!!
    I stayed in one of the motels in that area and was careful to not go back, so, I say....someone needs to go check out the place!!
    :)(I only live 1:45 from Expo but someone closer could go over to check it out!!)Hope someone would offer once they read the post....Shelli Guler, Kelso, WA

  3. The key to happiness is low expectations..
    especially if you're only paying $55 for a hotel room. I'm fine with that..

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