Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buzz Tool DESIGNS...

Lisa Shaw of Buzz Tools -- has graciously volunteered to provide fun, juvenile embroidery designs for your Mary Bridge pillowcases. I took this great picture of Lisa at the 2009 Quilt Market in Houston -- and am DElighted to have an excuse to use it!

Here's the link for the cute designs -- PILLOWCASE PATROL FREE DESIGNS

Of course, your pillowcases do NOT have to be embroidered -- we just thought this would make it more fun for those of you who are hooked on embroidery.

And, certainly -- you are free to use any embroidery designs you already have. That's how this all started! Lisa heard about what you were doing -- and offered to size something specifically for pillowcases.

I have SEEN some of the pillowcases ya'll are making for the children of Mary Bridge. One woman told me she's cleared out an entire closet of her "stash" fabrics. Once she got started, she just could not stop...she told me, "I couldn't think of a better use for my beloved fabric collection."

And now she can buy MORE FABRIC -- RIGHT??

Remember -- Coats & Clark will be giving a spool of thread to every person who donates pillowcases (one per person, please).

AND you will receive a "door prize ticket" for every pillowcase you donate....for our "Grand Prize" which will be announced next week. (Rita said hopefully).

Which means that Leanne, who is making 100 pillowcases for Mary Bridge -- will have 100 chances to win the GRAND PRIZE...(which will be announced next week -- remember -- she said hopefully)...


  1. You all are incredible! These pillow cases mean the world to the kiddos staying here at Mary Bridge. They brighten their rooms and their spirits. See you at the Expo! ~Barbara - Mary Bridge Children's Foundation

  2. THANKS, Barbara! Our ladies have been sewing pillowcases for months now...I hope ya'll bring a VERY BIG VAN..!!