Sunday, October 4, 2009


Okay -- another first for my blogging life. Starting on October 9, I'll be in Houston for Quilt Market -- and I hope to send LIVE POSTS. Well, nearly live. More like the Late Show with David Letterman. Y'know -- maybe a 3-hour delay. lol..
(Note: Because I was traveling, I scheduled this post in advance -- and wouldn't you know I make a reference to David Letterman and THAT'S THE VERY DAY he admits to having multiple affairs with co-workers. Wow...that felt like quite a coincidence...)
I hope to take some pictures of vendors who will be coming to Sew Expo -- and maybe they'll give me some advance scoop about what they're bringing to the 2010 show!

Although I'll only be at Quilt Festival for one day -- if you'll be at the George R. Brown -- EMAIL ME and we'll get together for a cup of coffee!!

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