Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilt Market VIDEO DEMOS

There are a million interesting things to see at Quilt Market. This is the show that is exclusively for Quilt BUSINESSES. Store owners from all over the world come to Houston once a year to see what's new in the quilting world. Fabric, patterns, thread, rotary cutters, products, notions, books -- YIKES!! There are hundreds -- no -- I'm sure -- THOUSANDS of booths full of everything under the sun. I decided it would be fun to track down a few of the vendors who also do the Sewing & Stitchery Expo to see what they might be bringing to Puyallup. My first attempt at a "video" demonstration was in the Superior Threads booth. Annie did a great job...I hope this video "uplinks"...

Bummer...the video did not work. That's me pushing my luck, eh? After spending over an hour getting a few simple pictures -- I couldn't just be happy with that...Oh NOOOOOO....I had to try to upload a darn video... Hey -- trust me -- it's a VERY INTERESTING DEMO -- and I actually ended up getting great video from Linda McGehee, Jenny Haskins, Luveta Nickels -- an Olfa cutter demonstration -- some other products that were new to me.
I promise to keep trying until I get it figured out!!
More from the show tomorrow...in the meantime -- the only picture I could manage to "upload" was of some plywood boxes. I'm telling you -- THERE MUST BE A MILLION OF THEM on the first day of the show...it's like building a temporary city...

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