Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sandra Betzina's Assistant

Dear Karla,

THANKS for writing to me -- and thanks for reading the blog!! Tell Sandra I'm looking forward to seeing her at the show. I hope I've fixed the link to Power Sewing -- let me know if it's working.


P.S. -- AND the reason I'm posting this (instead of sending you an email) -- is because you said you'd be blogging about wht Sandra is bringing to Expo -- and I want the readers of this blog to connect to the Speaker websites and read those blogs, too!!


  1. Hi Rita--I really admire the Pink & Red theme this year--especially since I am now a red patient & hope all the data is in so as not to keep me from Expo--Puyallup is sea level, & I don't have to go to altitude to get there--which may be the culprit in this blip on my radar! (Dropped in the middle of a great ski run!)
    I do want to add that it is not Breast cancer that is the greatest killer of women, but LUNG CANCER--more than ALL women's cancers COMBINED.Why do I know? We lost a daughter in 2002 at age 45--gifted pianist & creative seamstress. Very slowly, funds are finally coming into Lung Assoc--with more never-smoking- women being diagnosed, the 'blame game' is finally easing up. Thanks a bunch for all you do! Louise Hundertmark

  2. Dear Louise,

    I am so sorry about your daughter, Louise. I cannot imagine...

    Thanks for taking the time to write a note...we hope to see you AT THE SHOW...