Friday, February 19, 2010

Expo Baby

Here's an email we recently received:

Just thought I would share this with you as I begin to think of the Expo this year. Last year I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second child. The week of Expo I went into labor. The doctors gave me medicine to stop my labor and put me on modified bed rest. I was determined to get to Expo! I was told I could attend if I went in a wheelchair. So I did. My lovely mom pushed me around. I walked "a little" and was told the Saturday of Expo I was no longer at considered pre-term so I could start walking again. We attended Expo Thursday and Friday. Saturday we headed to the Zoo. I gave birth to my baby girl (who is in the Burda contest!) the last day of the Expo!

We will do ANYTHING to attend expo, even if it means possibly going into labor there!

Tanya Peila
University Place, WA

I was so delighted to hear Tanya's story -- I asked her permission to share it -- and ALSO post a picture of the baby. Here's Ashlee -- who is surely one of the top vote getters in the Pink & Red Fashion Show challenge...THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR STORY, TANYA --

AND -- YES -- IT'S OFFICIAL -- our very own Expo-Baby-Ashlee WILL BE IN THE PINK & RED Fashion Show on Sunday. See yesterday's post for a link to the te WINNERS...

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  1. I love it!! A true Expo addict!! And, she's getting the little one started early on her Sew Expo addiction. By the way, that outfit was one of my favorites. I was so hoping it would make the top 10. It was fun battling it out with her and the ruffle dress for 5/6/7 spot that last 24hrs of voting :-)
    Laura in Puyallup