Monday, February 8, 2010


Okay -- TODAY IS THE DAY you can go to Burdastyle and VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES.

We received 100 be prepred to take your time. Don't vote before you look at every single entry...

To review -- we asked the AUDIENCE to make a pink & red outfit for this year's charity event. Coats & Clark is sponsoring the Pink & Red Fashion Show -- and the proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. We are trying to raise awareness of the two biggest killers of women in America -- heart disease and breast cancer.

Your $10 donation can go to either charity...YOU pick the cause you care about...
Come to the Pink & Red to honor the women in your life who have died, or will be stricken, by these two terrible killers...

HERE IS A PICTURE I RECEIVED FROM A BLOG FAN...and the story behind these garments is absolutely amazing. Carol has been sharing some of the work behind the scenes -- and she is working with Coats & Clark to tell the story behind their historical garments and the beloved women who inspired them...

JOIN US at the Coats & Clark Pink & Red Fashion Show. Sunday morning at 8:30. If you don't have your ticket yet -- when you GET TO THE SHOW -- go visit the AHA or ACS booth (in the Showplex -- near the free stage). Give your $10 donation to either charity and they'll GET YOU A TICKET...

THIS WEEK -- VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES. YOU get to create THE FASHION SHOW you'll see on Sunday, February 28. 8:30 AM. On the Expo Runway. Be there or be square...

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE....go to

Being aware of these two silent killers could save the life of a woman you love... maybe even your own....

Do it for your family. Do it for the women you love. DO IT FOR YOURSELF!!


  1. HI Rita! I’m excited about this pink and red show!

    But I need help!

    I’m struggling with the Burda website. The link you’ve given is to the opening page – no mention of pink and red – and when I run a search I can’t find the listing.

    Can you give a direct link?
    Oh Please, Oh Please?


  2. I agree. I've been looking for over an hour and can't find anything. HELP!!!


  3. Rita, I can't find the voting either on Burda Style. Some people have left messages in the blog there, but no one is responding.
    Laura in Puyallup

  4. NO KIDDING! I'm frustrated, too. BurdaStyle is aware of the problem -- and as soon as they send me a DIRECT link -- I'll post in in the sidebar of this blog. AND we'll extend the voting window for a few days. THANKS for your patience...

  5. The links are up and running. They have the pictures in two different albums, so make sure you scroll through both albums. Here is the link for for album #1

    Album # 2

    Happy voting everyone. :)


  6. THANKS for your patience, everybody!! Voting will be open until Feb. GET BUSY...