Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gotta Sewing Story?

My friend Rhonda works for Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles and she invited me to participate in a marketing focus group. We got to use some specialty needles..

Then, we were to share a "sewing story" -- and I talked about the year I was 12. Mom made five gingham dresses for me and my sisters for Easter that year. For a visual -- I brought some vintage aprons -- all gingham, with "chicken scratch" embroidery..

Young Connie said she NEVER HAD AN APRON. Really? And the girl BAKED CUPCAKES FOR US!! I was thrilled to give Connie her first apron...

AND -- to see our "sewing stories" -- you can visit the SCHMETZ website

If you share your OWN STORY -- you will be eligible for a monthly prize of sewing machine needles. Somebody will win the grand prize of $500 worth of Schmetz sewing machine needles.


Also -- Remember -- Schmetz (booth #144) wants you to come to their booth AT THE SHOW -- to share your won story. AND they're working with Luveta Nickels (booth #711) for the Recycled DENIM DAY -- on FRIDAY -- they re encouraging all of you to wear your recycled DENIM projects....

YOU WOULD WIN PRIZES...more tomorrow...

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