Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daily FREE Style Shows

Up on the Expo Runway (upstairs in the Pavilion) -- we offer FIVE free style shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I've blogged about them before -- but I can't say enough about how fortunate we are to be able to offer THIS MUCH DESIGN ENTERTAINMENT to you. Here's a picture of Deborah Kreiling, doing the commentary for the 2009 Simplicity Style show -- this year, they kick off the day at 9:30.

Personally, I make it a point to see EVERY SINGLE show. I ALWAYS learn something or get a new idea. And I look on my Style Show attendance as a chance to sit and relax..

Louise Cutting and Linda Lee have worked hard to bring you an all new show for 2010...

To review -- here's the 2010 schedule:
9:30 Simplicity
10:30 Louise Cutting and Linda Lee
11:30 Pati Palmer
1:30 Sandra Betzina and Marcy Tilton
2:30 The Independent Pattern Company Alliance

The next picture is Mary Collen -- Expo's Style Show Manager. As with any worthwhile event, there is ALWAYS a woman behind the scenes, making sure things stay on track. If things go according to plan, you never think about how much work had to happen BEFORE the models take the stage. The companies plan their show, do the sewing, ship the garments, etc. Then, the day before Expo opens, Mary schedules the rehearsals -- and every single garment must be FIT to a model. Mary puts every show on the computer, with the proper order of thing, etc. -- and every model has a "dresser" so they can make those quick changes. They lay out their shoes, accessories, etc. Once again -- OH YEAH -- it TAKES A VILLAGE...

Mary has a very cheerful, capable crew of official "dressers" backstage...and they make sure everything goes smooth a silk...


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  1. And, this year I get to be not only behind the scenes as a dresser, but on stage on Sunday for Pink/Red!!!! Counting down the days!
    Laura in Puyallup