Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunday Style Shows

ANOTHER NEW THING IS HAPPENING IN 2010! After the 8:30 Sunday morning Coats & Clark Pink & Red Fashion Show -- we've decided to put the Expo Runway to some good use.

So -- this year -- we will have THREE MORE STYLE SHOWS on the Expo Runway. We like to think of them as a "community effort".

10:30 -- Project Kids fashion Show. A FIRST TIME EVENT. Come see what Connie and her talented group of elementary age sew-ists have created for your viewing pleasure. Because Baby Lock has been so supportive of her program -- rumor has it that Steve Jeffery will be joining them on the stage (he's a big honcho at Baby Lock). AND maybe they've made a gift for him?

11:30 -- Morning, Noon & Night Fashion Show. ANOTHER FIRST TIME EVENT. This is going to be very special. A challenge was put out to local area design schools -- and this style show will be their chance to strut their stuff. Our very own version of "Project Runway" -- right here on the EXPO, eh?

12:30 -- For the Love of Sewing. ANOTHER FIRST TIME EVENT. And this is one I would not think of missing. The local ASG guild members, many of them CTA's as well -- are joining forces to create this special showcase of their creations. Clothes, quilts, who knows?? These are people with a deep love of sewing who are bringing you their best...

PLEASE JOIN US....Plan to come to the show on SUNDAY -- you can kick it off with the Coats & Clark Pink & Red Fashion Show (8:30) -- your $10 donation can go to either the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society...

You'll get a valuable coupon book -- good for THAT DAY ONLY -- full of one-time offers and last-day show bargains...

AND you can see these three fabulous FREE Style Shows -- created for your inspiration and enjoyment!!

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  1. Just curious as to whether or not we can get the "You'll get a valuable coupon book -- good for THAT DAY ONLY -- full of one-time offers and last-day show bargains..." just by donating. Some of us can't make it by the beginning of the style show because of church.

    Thank you!