Monday, February 22, 2010

Bonash Demo

As I'm working on my Ya Ya projects -- I was struggling with how I could sew two HUGE circles of fabric together....

Then I remembered BONASH 007 powder! I saw it being demonstrated last fall at Quilt Market. It's a powdered "bonding agent" -- and was EXACTLY what I needed to lightly bond my two large circles of fabric together. I want to use knit fabric -- and my 007powder made the whole project easy as pie....magical..

Bonash is a new vendor at EXPO this year. Be sure you stop over to see Beryl's great demos...Booth #1000, 1003.

I AM EXCITED ABOUT SHOWING you the very unique project I made, using Bonash 007 boning powder! IT IS AMAZING...(and I wanted to do the no-sew edge fringe that started such a lively discussion over on my Ritassewfun blog..

You'll get to see it at FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE...!! (it was inspired by a wrap I bought in New York City!!)

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