Monday, February 18, 2013


REMEMBER -- From the ticket office:
If you have received your envelope with tickets, please open it and check your tickets. If there is a problem it can perhaps be taken care of before the Expo. Also if you have never received your tickets, please let us know immediately. Our e-mail is

So -- here's a big question -- what's the weather going to be like? Last year, Wednesday (set-up day) was cold and rainy. You SHOULD bring a rain coat, of course.

Here's an email I received yesterday:

Hey, Rita!! Can't wait for the Expo in Puyallup. I live 30 minutes away so I never miss a day.
We were just at a major antique show last weekend, held at the same venue as the Expo. They did not have the rule about carts and suitcases. Soooooooo dangerous for those of us walking behind them.

Would you write again (and again) about this dangerous habit. There are always a few at Expo who ignore the rule on 'drag-abouts' as I call them. Please remind people about checking their bags and purchases. I even noticed a few last year that were using strollers. No babies, just out-smarting the rules. Still dangerous, not to mention annoying.

I have never used the check service because I have my car parked across the street, but I've always wondered if there is a fee and/or should we tip the personnel. Is it run by volunteers or the fairground staff? I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering.........

Thanks for all you do to get the word out about the Expo. I look forward to it every year. I just hope we can give you visitors some decent weather.
A Sew Expo FAN
When I received this email, I realized I DID NOT KNOW THE ANSWER...about the bag checking. So I will post the answer by the end of today.

AND the most important thing you should know right now is that the ticket office will be closing ON WEDNESDAY.

But do not worry -- TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE SHOW. The ticket office is located in the Showplex. Over by the Mary Bridge PILLOWCASE PATROL booth. They set up a board -- with ALL THE AVAILABLE CLASSES...

I have been walking ONE MILE EVERY DAY on my I'm going to do TWO MILES...trying to get into shape for ALL THAT the BIGGEST, BEST SEWING PARTY IN AMERICA..!!


  1. I will be glad to hear what the answers are to those questions regarding the coat/bag check in. Rita, you did give us some information on it, "June 22, 2011 Post Show information":

    This is run by volunteers who do it for a nominal fee. We can ask they stay open longer but the Expo officially closes at 6 p.m. most days and 4 p.m. on Sunday. We ask that you give those folks a break too.
    There simply is no space inside the Showplex for a coat check booth.

    Rita, are strollers allowed? I assumed they were, but then I read (past blog post here)that they, along with the carts were not allowed. It would be nice to have clarification on that as well.

    And, while we are asking questions.. :) What day is Zebra day? :) And, can it be anything or something in particular? Just starting to put things in the suitcases for our trip, we fly out one week from today. :)

  2. In case you are wondering what post that information came from, here is the link to make it easier to find:

    There is the section on "Carts/Strollers" and then the section I quoted above, "Package/Coat Check"

    I thought I had read this information somewhere, but began to doubt my brain, glad to see I can still remember some things and that I have brain space left for my classes next week. :)

  3. Thanks, Carol. I am trying to track down and define "nominal fee". Your memory is IMPRESSIVE