Monday, February 11, 2013

Rita is Learning New Video Skills...kinda...

Okay -- I am always trying to LEARN NEW SKILLS. Because I've had a lot of issues with YouTube, I am trying a new video place -- Vimeo. And so far, so good. Although apparently, one minute of new video per week is all you get for the "basic" service. If I want to do anything really interesting -- I must upgrade my service.'s such a tempting word, isn't it?? Anyway -- this is a gem I had on my camera that was never uploaded to YouTube. Vimeo did it WAY quicker -- and I am sorry, Steve -- I don't have that kind of power...(he wanted a whole room at Sew Expo to be equipped with Sashiko machines!)

Steve Jeffery from Rita Farro on Vimeo.

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