Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pictures for the Seattle Times

You have NO IDEA how much time I spend working with Sew Expo pictures. First of all -- I have NEVER PRETENDED that this is one of my particular skills. Neither the picture-taking part NOR THE "keeping track of them on my computer" job...It is a misery for me -- but I know the BEST way to tell the Sew Expo story is with PICTURES of you -- having a great time at the show!! But I always seem to be looking for that one perfect picture that DOES NOT EXIST...

And then -- HOW DO I LET other people see the pictures and pick the ones they like?? Email doesn't work that well -- we all get confused with who's looking at what.
So -- today -- Janet wanted to see some picture options for the Seattle Times -- and I decided to PUT THEM UP ON THIS BLOG. So at least you can see yourselves having a wonderful time!! And -- whether or not YOUR picture gets into the newspaper -- I want you to know you WERE IN THE RUNNING...


  1. Looks like I need a seriously BIG tote to carry all the goodies that I"ll buy. This Year will be my first year to attend - and I get to attend with DD. YAHOO!

  2. Rita - For pix with impact, and to show something specific, your best friend is *crop*. When you get the photo into your editing software, zoom right in on the story you want to tell. Woman walking away from massive fabric display with massive bags of loot? Show the bags and the display in back of her, and her happy smile - let that fill the frame and crop out the rest. Three friends having fun? Zoom in on those happy faces and hugging arms - the cluttered background can be cropped out.

    Expo is amazing and I can hardly wait to get there again this year, so you have a fabulous story to tell with your photos. If this isn't your strong suit, I'll bet you have a friend who would love to take photos and create the story.