Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lisa Shaw ROCKS

Lisa Shaw is on a new path -- this year "re-inventing herself" at SewExpo as Lisa SewBubbles. When I asked what she would be doing -- she sent this...

Dear Rita,

Normally I provide a handout stapled with coupons and goodies

This year because I'm here at the show as Lisa Shaw - Machine Embroidery Software Specialist I thought I might just go a bit hog wild. Some of my friends who are digitizers and have worked with and supported me over the years have really gone above and beyond for me this year.

We have put together a CD containing over 20 professionally digitized designs, some projects, tips and tricks! I think its priceless, but it is at least worth $75 just for the 20+ designs. Everyone that attends one of my classes is going to get this CD as my gift to them! Yes, this is in addition to the bundle that is normally stapled and I will figure out a way to get it all together...

AND WAIT there's more! Sheesh I feel like a Ginsu knife commercial! You all know that I love machine embroidery and believe that the computer is supposed to help us be creative not be an anchor dragging us down. Well I've found new to me software that is easy, and fun, and affordable AND will run on a Mac or a Windows Computer - yes you've heard that right! Affordable and will run on either a Mac or a PC -- I know I couldn't believe it either so I had to try it out for myself. And because I am so excited about these programs that - I am giving away a free copy, a $50 value, in each of my seminars. I told you, I am going HOG WILD this SewExpo! I might even wear zebra stripes on Friday!

So what have you got to lose? Worst case scenario you get to take a 40 minute break, get a CD of designs, spend some time with me in the classroom and learn a little bit about what you can do with machine embroidery software. If you have a Mac and always heard that you have to use Windows to do machine embroidery - let me show you otherwise! Even if you are just thinking about joining our addiction -- whoops I mean thinking about getting an embroidery machine - or better yet, you have an embroidery machine and the embroidery unit is still in the box…yes, I've met a few of you over the years :-) Sign up for this one needle class, #1090 and see what this is all about.

Can't wait for SewExpo 2013 to begin -- this will be a stellar event!

all my best, Rita -- safe travels! SEE YOU SOON...great job on the blog -- Lisa Note: the quickest way to see Lisa's schedule is to go to the SewExpo website and type Lisa Shaw into the search box. ALL her classes will come up! She is really turning up the heat this year!!

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