Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is what the inside of the Pavilion looks like today....

But next Wednesday -- set-up day -- this is what it will look like...The best vendors in the country have already packed their trucks up and are ON THEIR WAY to Puyallup. When they get there, Janet will have them lined up out the back gate -- and with military precision -- the unloading will begin in a very orderly manner. (yes, this is a work of compelte fiction)...

This is my best picture of the outside of the buildings -- and to the right of the Pavilion entrance (you can't see it) -- there is a BAG CHECK. This is REALLY GOOD INFORMATION for you to know...
So you don't have to carry your purchases with you all over the show -- YOU CAN CHECK YOUR BAGS. The nominal fee is 50 cents for a shopping bag...and $1 for a very large one.


The people at the bag check are volunteers -- working for their own good cause...(4-H?) -- so, yes, they do accept tips.

This is just one of my recycled-t-shirt-maxi-zebra-striped-dresses...I HAVE MADE FIVE OF THEM SO FAR...but you will only see three or four of them. I think this one makes me look fat...


  1. I love the Zebra Dress......and don't I see the sleeve of that zebra blouse on this dress....??? lol
    See you soon, Linda in Othello

  2. Your creativity is inspiring. :)

    Thanks for the bag check information. I may just use them this year for simplicity sake....and going to a good cause always makes it more inviting.

    See you soon......

  3. Linda -- you are, very possibly, the MOST OBSERVANT PERSON I ever met!! Do you work for the CIA??