Monday, January 28, 2013

Coats & Clark Charity Event: Sew You Think You Can Blog?

Here's what I know for sure. Women who sew are the BEST, most GENEROUS people in the entire world. I actually believe it is that kindness and generosity of spirit that attracts you to sewing...

Last year -- you made over 4,500 pillowcases for the children of Mary Bridge Chidlrens Hospital. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...

After the first year -- Mary Bridge started saving their paper boxes!!

Last year, they were smart to schedule a LOT MORE volunteers...

But they STILL COULD NOT KEEP UP...!! Coats & Clark will ONCE again be giving a spool of thread to every person who brings pillowcases for the children. AND there will be a door prize drawing on Sunday morning -- for those of you who so generously used your time and materials to sew pillowcases for the children.

To answer some of your questions -- YES -- Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital is our official charity again this year. If you visit the website -- -- you will see a link right on the front page that will immediately TAKE YOU to the Mary Bridge website. It is problematic to sell tickets to the charity event because WSU cannot keep the in the past -- we had to ask you to send a separate check. THIS should be easier -- right??

However -- we've had some issues with the links all working -- so let me know if you have a problem. When you get to the Mary Bridge site -- you can make a donation and print a receipt -- which will serve as your ticket into the Sunday Morning EVENT.

And the Sunday morning Coats and Clark charity eventis going to be AWESOME. "Sew You Think You Can Blog"-- for the very first time EVER -- will be a live audition on the Expo Runway. Five talented sewing bloggers will be auditioning for a spot on the popular Sew It All television show. Hostess Ellen March will be onstage, with part of the SIA set -- and you'll be able to VOTE FOR your favorite contestant!!

Remember -- it's all for a good cause -- and THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT...See you SOON...


  1. Are there any dimensions or info on what to sew for the pillowcases? Or do we just do any standard pillowcase pattern that we know/have? Thanks!

  2. I'll say that you can use any pattern you want. I've done cotton as well as flannel; I use a basic pattern, though some people add embroidery, lace, whatever. When I've brought 'boy' ones, they really liked them as many are more girly/frilly or young. Gotta get started on mine for this year!

  3. YES, Debbie -- Diana is right. Any standard pillowcase pattern is fine. I'll post some links tomorrow. STAY TUNED..

  4. For those, like me, who are 'visual learners' (& don't already have a simple way of sewing pillowcases) this is a GREAT, EASY method of constructing a pillow case! I use my serger & it quick, quick.

    So enjoy this 9:42 min. video like I did!

    See y'all at Expo....Glenda Marsh Glen Rose TX