Monday, January 21, 2013

Sewing Sisters and Cousins?

I love to hear from groups of sewing sisters, friends, cousins -- whatever! In almost every class -- several women are attending Sew Expo as a girlfriend getaway...

Two of my favorite Sewing from Illinois -- another from Washington State...

The SMILES tell it all...

And it is always a joy for me to sit for a minute and hear about the classes, your favorite workshops -- where you came from -- who's in your crew...
Sometimes, you don't want me to share your email...but Denise told me I could share her letter. And I'm still waiting for a picture of these hats!!

Hi Rita,

I attend Sewing Expo with my cousins, there are 5 of us with pink hats that we have added decorations to for the last couple of years. We made the hats so we could find each other, we will be wearing them again this year.

Last summer I went to Stitch and Pitch wearing my hat and a couple people came up to me and said we know you, we had met them at Sewing Expo.

We have a great time at Sewing Expo for all four days. If you want a picture please let me know.
Good Evening,

Rita wrote back:Thanks for the email, Denise!

Where do ya'll come from? -

There will be four of us this year. Tisha and Carol are from Snohomish, WA, Irena is from Sutherlin, OR, and I live on Mercer Island, WA. Another cousin joining us, but she doesn't have a pink hat, we let her stay with us anyway.

How many days to you attend the show?
Irena and I will be there Thursday - Sunday
Tisha and Carol will be the Saturday and Sunday

What kind of classes do you take?

Carol likes to take classes about alterations, clothing make-overs. I liked the zipper lady too! I love to browse the booths to see if there are new tools, I have found some really wonderful things there that I use everyday but can't find at the fabric stores.

Irena is taking:
Fitting Yourself by Yourself
Stylish Sweatshirt jackets that FIT
Sew Knits with Confidence with Nancy Zieman
Pendleton Selvage Crochet Rug
She likes to try to keep up with some of the new techniques and products and their uses.

I am taking:
Pendleton Selvage Crochet Rug
Needle Felted Wonders
Turning your Passion into Profit Selling What you Sew

I think we are all going to the Coats & Clark Charity Event - Sunday at 12:30
And what kind of sewing do you do?
Tisha doesn't sew, she likes coming with us because we are so much fun. (she is Carol's daughter the rest of us are first cousins and the other cousin is really Irena and Carol's cousin.)

Carol has a sewing business, Carol's Sew and Sew. Her business is in Snohomish.
Irena makes clothes, quilts, home deco, and helps her two sisters in their sewing businesses, Brazilian Embroidery with rayon hand embroidery thread, knits, and crochets. She belongs to ASG, too.

I like to do all kinds of embroidery, needlepoint, knit and crochet. Actually, I like to do anything with a needle. I have completed the Certificate courses and only have one more Diploma course at the Royal School of Needlework in England.

We usually attend the 4-H fashion show too. We always have a wonderful time!

Can you imagine 4-5 people in one motel room with one bathroom? (oh, yes, Denise -- been there, done that!)

Time to stitch,
Denise Forsyth
"Knitting makes me happy
crocheting makes me smile
but nothing beats stitching
by a country mile "

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