Thursday, January 3, 2013

Limited Space Available


As we look back on the first day of online registration -- we learned some lessons -- and tomorrow the system will be running smooth as silk...(yes, people, that is a Rita-mix-of sarcasm, optimism and metaphor all rolled into the same

However, the heartbreak for many of you is that you COULD NOT GET IN TODAY -- and now you are worried that the class you wanted will be SOLD OUT.

I hope not. But, of course, some of the three and four-needle classes DO sell out very quickly. That's because there are only 30 seats available to begin with. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO to prevent this from happening. Those seats are so limited -- it's always our biggest problem.

One woman suggested we go to a lottery system next year -- and she's right -- we should look into that.

Here's the deal. The hands-on classrooms set up with sewing machines (or sergers) only have 30 spots. 10 seats will go to snail mail registrants, and 20 seats will go to online registrants. As always -- those tickets go on a first-come, first-served basis.

But it's such a tiny number to begin with -- they're gone in a flash. We end up making 30 people happy -- but another 130 are ticked off because they couldn't get into the class...

And, of course, there's no way we can add more sessions because those rooms are already COMPLETELY, TIGHTLY BOOKED...and there are only so many hours in the Sew Expo day...

And we are SORRY, SORRY, SORRY...

But here's the really, really good news -- NOTHING ELSE IS SOLD OUT. Honest. You can register for hundreds of One-Needle classes (the heartbeat of the show)...and a dozen Two-Needle classes (more in-depth topics with extensive educational hand-outs)...and the finest Special Events in the sewing industry. These classrooms SEAT HUNDREDS -- not one score and ten (that's how Abraham Lincoln would have said 30)...

Again...if you had issues with your online registration -- read the post right below this one. WE WILL FIX IT FOR YOU. Promise...


  1. While I know it's upsetting to not get the 3 needle or other limited seating classes, having a lottery would be HORRIBLE! First - how would you charge people? Especially if they didn't get the class? You'd have a hard time refunding everyone's $$, plus processing fees, etc. Then, there are some people who go together - what would that do to them? For example, I'm bringing my granddaughter and ordered 2 tickets to everything. If we got only 1 ticket to the limited seating class, now what? Send her alone? No; can't go myself without her. Everyone knows that those are limited seating and it's first come, first served. When the tickets were just mail in, people didn't get them either - except you never knew until weeks later!

  2. You're right, Diana. A lottery would suck. So, until we can think of a better system -- we'll continue to DO THE BEST WE CAN...thanks for your comment -- looking forward to seeing your granddaughter at the show again. best, rita

  3. What some (a lot?) of people fail to realize is that while there are a FEW paid people a lot of this is volunteer. to do a show this big is a HUGE undertaking, especially with the number of people you have. This is only the 3rd year of online registration, so it's going well. There are a lot of places that are worse! LOL Or have to charge a LOT more to make it work. Keep up the good work!

  4. I agree that the lottery would be difficult to manage & I would not like that option (nightmare)...everyone who's registered for any popular meeting knows to 'do it early as you can' & have a 'back up' class selected. I liked knowing right away if I got the choice #1 class or not. I just lucked out using Mozilla which I use all the time (except that I found out Floriani software using Explorer...once my tech guy figured that out, I was ok)...anyway, my 1st time experience to register went quickly & w/ no problems...Glenda