Monday, January 7, 2013

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Online registration went great! Although there were certainly some issues on the first morning -- most of you found the system to be intuitive and are delighted to know IMMEDIATELY if you got the classes you signed up for. GREAT JOB to our wonderful ticket office staff. Janet York was the point person -- and I forwarded every single problem, issue or glitch to Janet. On Facebook, I said Janet was doing "registration triage"...Again, if you had trouble -- please email Janet:  That is your QUICKEST way to get assistance.  The phones get very busy, and then you have to leave a voicemail, which somebody will have to listen to...then try to call you back...well -- you get the idea.  Emailing Janet is a much more efficient way for you to get help and for her to keep track of who needs what done.  Include your name, phone number, order number (if you have one)...

It is very satisfying that online registration was smooth sailing for Charlotte -- when she posted about her excellent experience -- my heart swelled with happiness! On Yahoo chat, Charlotte talked about a picture of her I'd posted on this blog -- (I am always delighted when anybody reads my blog posts) -- I searched high and low to find this picture of Charlotte and Sandra Betzina. ( Charlotte is wearing one of Sandra's blouse patterns...)

While looking for this photo -- I found MANY WONDERFUL PICTURES of you -- our attendees -- the best sewing audience in the world. I love it that you plan your outfits, challenge each other, use the patterns or fabrics you purchased at last year's Expo...

Obviously, I don't know all your names...but I do hear from many of you throughout the year. Linda makes me laugh on Facebook... Sharon sends thoughtful notes and cards...and Vicki, Bonne and Jan, Helen and Wendy, Claire, (of the zebra jewelry case) Pat, Carol (the cake balls were fabulous!), Laura, Marsha, Jolene, Sammy, Barbara, Chris and Judy (the Ya Ya stalkers!), Krista (thanks again for the new totebag AND THE SALMON)...Cindy (no more chocolate, babe -- really!!)...
Women who sew are the BEST.  You are the most thoughtful, caring, kind, generous people in the whole wide world.  I believe that.  But, of course, I don't know everybody who comes to the show.  I WISH I COULD.... Sometimes, I'm just struck by the GREAT OUTFIT...this woman probably didn't even know I was taking her picture...

Lorraine Henry is a teacher...

I remember talking to the woman wearing this creative skirt --  she is a doctor...

This beautiful blonde participated in the IPCA Midnight Magic sewing challenge....right??

These pictures remind me about our new photo policy. In the past, attendees were not encouraged or allowed to take pictures. We used to put up a lot of signs that said "NO HOTOGRAPHY". Well -- THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW...

NOW -- we WANT you to take pictures of your time at Sew Expo. We WANT you to share those pictures with your friends and family -- on social media, via email, Pinterest, Facebook or on your favorite blogs.
With a few common sense limits, of course. Out of respect for the teachers and other students -- please don't take pictures during a class. AND because our vendors are independent businesses -- their booth space belongs to them and whether or not they encourage photography is their please respect their wishes.

So -- CLICK AWAY!! Because the reason it's a cliche is because it's true. A picture REALLY IS WORTH a thousand words...and if you take some wonderful, fun pictures at the 2013 Sew Expo -- we look forward to seeing them on your Facebook page, your Pinterest boards and your favorite sewing blogs.

AND -- if you are a sewing/quilting blogger -- THIS IS YOUR SPECIAL YEAR!! For starters -- Be sure to check out the Schmetz Sew-cial Bloggers Bootcamp

AND on Sunday -- the Coats and Clark Charity event is a live audition, "Sew You Think You Can Blog". Some lucky blogger is going to win a trip to Golden, Colorado -- to tape an episode for the Sew It All television show!!


  1. Rita, many thanks to Janet and the ticket office staff for their countless hours and patience in working with us on our registration submissions. I am SURE this was a difficult registration process for them, and the staff were so kind and understanding regardless if they were delivering good or bad news. Thanks for making it so easy for US!

  2. the second pic down from Sandra & Charlotte's photo the unidentified gal in the Red, White and Black Jacket over a Black Turtleneck is Arlene Whitney...from Spokane...formerly from Othello, Wa....a friend of mine! Best, Linda in Othello

  3. I'm glad you found that photo, Rita!!

    I have to say, I really like that blouse pattern (now out of print--don't recall the # offhand but can look it up if anyone is interested), and, yes, the stripes are matched everywhere they can/should be--I guess I should have entered it in the fair last summer, but I was a little preoccupied with dh's medical issues....but I digress...

    Anyway, I got the blouse done and was so happy with it, but discovered that, if I wear it for too many hours (like 12 or more), the little metallic (Lurex?) threads woven into the stripes will eventually make me ITCH!!

    Ah, the joys of having sensitive skin--NOT!!

  4. Rita and Janet and the whole SewExpo crew: Online registration went GREAT! While I haven't quite gotten back into sewing, the SewExpo means a great deal to me -- the inspiration, the opportunities, the learning, and the friends --immeasurable treasures to the creative soul.

    Thank you for the whole shebang (and thanks to the BBQ guys at the fairgrounds, too!)!!!