Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shuttle from the airport

Here's a question that has come up several times -- "If I fly into the Seattle airport -- how can I get to Puyallup?"

After talking to some of the local hotels -- the answer is the SHUTTLE EXPRESS. Way back when, I can remember flying into Seattle and taking this shuttle down to Puyallup. Mary Mulari made the arrangements -- and we were staying at the Northwest Motor Inn, across the street and up the road...(I think I ate every meal at Caittin's that year)

Anyway -- the shuttle is still running!! It is reasonably priced -- check the rates for sure....something like $44 one way. Be prepared -- it takes some time to get to Puyallup. And with this shuttle, you could stop at other hotels and towns along the way.

Here's the website...

Just GET THERE ANY WAY YOU will be worth it -- I promise you...!!

There is incredible shopping, great classes and workshops, SEWING STARS, fabulous special events, incredible door prizes...

AND, if you're coming into the airport -- that means you're visiting from out of town and maybe -- just maybe -- you have a few extra days. BE SURE TO VISIT PIKE PLACE market...there will be fish-throwing...


  1. They can also connect up on the Yahoo Groups page to ride share. Many have done that in the past.
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. Who took that first candid shot? I think it shows how happy you all were when you were talking with each other. Hmm, anyway… taking a shuttle from the airport is quite unusual. Didn’t you rent a car back then?

    Andrina Royceston

  3. Yes, I agree with Andrina! You and your cousin look like twins! It’s good to hear that you still bond with your cousin, even at that age. By the way, who took the sunset shots?

    -Earnestine Novick

  4. It’s good that you took the shuttle service. You didn’t have to worry how you were going to get to Puyallup. Hehe! You said that it was reasonably priced, so does that mean that they offered you a good service? It’s better to have that than waiting for public transportation, especially when you’re traveling in bad weather conditions.

    Taisha Bousquet

  5. Andrina its true you are right its great that you fine a good and reasonable shuttle i hope so defiantly you and your cousin have enjoyed your trip.
    Saran SMith

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