Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your Ticket Printout

Okay -- the ticket office is working as hard as they can to put your tickets into an envelope and SEND THEM TO YOU.

But, they are being way-laid by a lot of phone calls from you asking if they can email you a printout of the classes you got. WHICH THEY CANNOT DO....

WHEN YOU REGISTER -- here's how it works:

From our web developer:

When the customer finishes checking out, they are taken to a page that lists all the details of everything they order and in big bold etters at the top they are encouraged to print it out for their records.

For those of you who already registered, and did not print that page -- it will be sent to you WITH your tickets -- and they WANT TO STUFF THAT ENVELOPE...but they're too busy taking your phone calls.

The web guy is trying to build in a "search" function so you CAN go back into the system to look up your order.

But we hope YOU RECEIVE YOUR TICKETS BY THEN...(if they can get off the phones long enough to fill our orders!)


  1. Suggestion FOR NEXT year (NOT now) would be to email the order to the customer. Or allow them to go back in and get the order. However, if people followed the instructions to Print if they wanted a list, then they wouldn't need it.

    PLEASE people - they are doing their best. It's the first year for this and we have to allow them growing pains. STOP calling unless it's really important! And you not following instructions is NOT that important!

  2. Rita,

    I started a reply to another post you had, but that post is now gone, the 'good news bad news one'. Is that removed now? If that information is correct, having access to the information regarding what classes we signed up for is really important to me. I am flying down there and I take full advantage of the great classes that the GREATEST SEWING SHOW has to offer. It can take weeks for me to get my tickets since I live in Canada. Not knowing if the classes that I *thought* went through, now might not have, really puts me in a state of limbo for a long time, weeks actually.

    It did not surprise me to read what you wrote. I actually expected that, not in a mean spirited way, in an honest to goodness, working out the glitches kind of way, that's life and we deal with it. :)

    I never received a phone call back from my message I left on Monday, soon after I registered. I could not add to my list of purchases, after I *think*, but could not confirm, the class I might have left off in the registration process. I see today that my Visa has been charged so I know at least that part of the system is working.;)

    I think there needs to be a way phone someone after we hit the SEND button, to assist us in adding or correcting our error.

    Thank again for everything....

    Carol...who phoned on Monday, never got a returned call, but has not phoned again! :)

  3. Thanks, Diana - and we are working on it, Carol. I'll post the solution as soon as we figure it out. THANKS FOR NOT CALLING...because if they dont' have to be ON THE PHONE, responding to calls -- they can actually be putting tickets INTO AN ENVELOPE and mail them WITH YOUR LIST...

  4. I read all these posts and still somehow missed the screen to print out (aside from the receipt screen). The lesson is: Write Down what you ordered! I think I reconstructed most of mine from memory, but ...
    Also, I paid $20 for the Ricky Tims show on Sunday Morning (#2016), but in the brochure list for Room A Expo Runway Pavilion it looks like that 8:30 show is free! People will be upset if they show up at 8:30 Sun AM and can't get in to what they thought was a free show! Good luck with this one! Barb

  5. gheesh...thanks for the heads up, Crestview...there are MANY lessons this

  6. Hey Rita! :)

    Just thought I would let you know my sister phoned last night to tell me she received her tickets in the mail yesterday! WOW!!! How fast was that??? She registered on line the first day, I was a few minutes after her. She lives in Federal Way, I live, well, just the other side of the border, in Canada! :P Let's see how long it takes and do a comparison. :D :D :D

    We know the tickets are going out....and received.



  7. NO KIDDING -- that is fast, Carol. Thanks for the update...keeping our fingers crossed for our Canadian sewing sisters...and the postal service!

  8. HELLO RITA -- Thanks to the staff for trying to get those tickets out.

    I agree with Diana above -- for NEXT YEAR'S show, planners should try to integrate an e-mail reply into the online registration, if possible. Everybody would benefit if an automatic confirmation email was sent out when Expo-ers purchase their ticket package online. That confirmation e-mail could list the tickets purchased and total.

    I can imagine this would be a big project for the Web site developer, but it would be GREAT for next year.
    Thanks! I'm getting really excited about Expo!

  9. Hi Rita, I'm happy to say my tickets arrived but apparently I clicked to many times and have too many tickets. Should I mail them back for credit?