Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Question...

A long time EXPO fan writes:

On your Blog you said we could register with friends under one credit card. My question - on the brochure registration there is no place to buy two tickets for the same seminar - will there be a spot to register more than one ticket per seminar on the online registration?

If you want to answer on your Blog I will keep checking.

Thanks for all you do. I look forward to SEWEXPO every year!


Rita says: I have seen the online registration -- and the answer is YES -- you can buy two tickets to a seminar or event...and, at the end, juse one credit card. The registration form on the registration brochure is different because it was always one form per person.

THANKS for asking that good question, Judy -- anybody else have a pre-registration question??

And -- hey -- while I'm at it -- THANKS FOR READING THIS BLOG!!

bring it on!!


  1. When will we see descriptions of the needle seminars?

  2. There is an "Explanation of Needle Seminars" is on the website right now -- under the "Seminars" heading. And the ACTUAL individual class descriptions are on the Registration Brochure -- which is a PDF on the website. Click on the first quilt block that says "Registration Brochure".

  3. Thanks, Gemini Gypsy Girl -- I just posted this information on the Facebook page -- and I think it will make for a smoother registration experience IN THE MORNING...

    Monday, January 10, at 10:00 Pacific Time

  4. Oh duh! I didn't even think to look at the brochure. Thank you, Rita!!

  5. can be very confusing. And we're doing the best we can to get the information OUT..

  6. Since we can sign up for multiple tickets to one class,can we also sign up for several classes with the same day/time slot? I'm using my credit card for my granddaughters and myself and we are taking some classes together but not all.

  7. That should not be a problem, Elaine...

  8. Rita and the fabulous SewExpo gang: Think I'm ready but keep fingers crossed! Having DH do the registering tomorrow, as I'll be back at work.