Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rita's Best Guess

Please know that nobody is more anxious than we are about establishing an easy, accessible, online registration system. And my best guess -- THIS IS A RITA FARRO PERSONAL BEST GUESS -- is that it will launch on Monday morning, January 10, 2010 -- which should have been our goal all along. Sorry if our optimism and eagerness has caused you any anxiety. But everything is looking good and we are excited about offering this new option this year.

So, if all goes well -- you are still better off waiting for online registration - as your "tickets" will automatically picked out of the inventory. But, we understand many of you have by now received your Registration Brochure in the mail -- so you may certainly choose to snail mail -- that's completely up to you. (and you do save the $4 online handling fee).


In the meantime -- I wanted to tell you about one of Expo's home-grown sewing stars. Mary Collen is a CTA, and our long-time style show manager.

For me, Mary has always epitomized the Sewing & Stitchery Expo. She is a bright, hardworking mother and wife who loves to sew. She is generous and kind...and funnels her creative energy and love into her SEWING hobby. Her daughter, London, pictured here, is one of my favorite young people. (last year's official show photog!)

I have never met anybody who has a bigger joy for sewing than Mary Collen...

AND -- she loves, loves, loves to compete in sewing contests. She has won many machines over the years -- and a trip to Bernina University last year. Apparently, she's AT IT AGAIN -- check it out on this Sew News link...

Check the link out below of Mary Collen.



  1. The Sew News contest starts Jan 14...looks like fun!

  2. Rita, thank you so much for all you and your team are doing in getting the online registration up and running, the Aussie girls are eagerly awaiting online registration.

  3. Hi Rita. Ditto. Wishing you and the "online registration fairies" all the best to help them wave their magic wands so online register is up and running soon.

  4. I think you will be VERY HAPPY when you finally see online registration. Altho, there have been moments of stress. ('s an art...)

  5. I see Sue Hausmann featured on the right side of this page as an Expo speaker. Can you point me to the seminar she is speaking at?