Monday, January 24, 2011

Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition

This is Cathy Swenson, with one of our sewing rookies. Cathy was the first CTA I ever met. I've always known that she was an avid sewing enthusiast, a cheerful and funny lady -- but I never quite understood how BIG HER SEWING STUDIO WAS...
From another angle...
Laura Mendoza (who sent all these great pics) -- helping another rookie with her project...
THEY ARE BUSY, that's for sure!
And -- yes -- this is STILL CATHY'S SEWING STUDIO...from yet another angle...
Cathy -- the next time I'm in town -- can I come to your house to play a sewing game??

THANKS for the great pictures, Laura!!

It's going to be SO MUCH FUN..!!

And -- remember -- this year, there are two different sessions for the charity event. So, the Coats & Clark Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition will be happening Sunday at 11:30 or 12:30. AND the biggest change is that you will be able to BUY YOUR TICKETS AT THE SHOW.

The tickets are $10 each, and will be available at the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital booth (in the Showplex). They can take cash, check or credit card...

Later on this week, I'll put up a blog post about the PILLOWCASE PATROL....


  1. What a great studio!

    Hey, I think I know that pattern the young lady has out in the second picture there. I *rescue* ;) patterns...I mean I collect patterns! :P However, the proportions from this picture look like that bodice is not going to fit any one that small. I think there was a printing problem for her, I suspect. It's it a Sense and Sensibility pattern, Laura...if you read this comment could you please tell me if I guessed that correctly? :D

  2. I believe it is a Sense & Sensibility pattern. She likes to do period stuff. It's the craziest looking pattern. It has a lot of drawstrings to fit everything in, and she did trace a small size. That is not what she is doing for the Pro-Am competition, though.
    And, yes, Cathy's sewing studio is huge. I think it's about 25x30.
    Laura in Puyallup

  3. Historical clothing is definitely different. It has taken me a while to get the hang of all the different types of sleeves. If she runs into trouble, there is the message forum at the S&S site where we would happily help answer questions.

    Too bad she's not making it for the competition, I would enjoy that. :)

    What a great space for creating! I would venture to guess many budding artists have gotten their start there, what a joy!