Monday, February 6, 2012

Wanna Be a CTA?

Do you know what CTA stands for? Clothing & Textile Advisor. According to Joanne Ross, Chair of the show, “the CTA program is unique to Washington State. It is a corps of trained volunteers who work in their communities to teach and promote home sewing as a life skill. Once a year -- they are the official “hostesses” of the biggest sewing party in America.”

Two years ago -- Barbara O’Brien of Seattle, Washington -- became a CTA. Barbara says, “I love attending Sew Expo with my daughter, granddaughter and stepdaughters. It has become a family affair…and we treasure the girl time we spend together. The BEST thing about Expo is the positive energy that comes from being surrounded by other enthusiasts. Going to seminars and learning new techniques, being able to see all the new technology from all the different companies in one place – the shopping is heaven!”

Two years ago, after retiring from Boeing, Barbara became a CTA...and she sent me an email after the weekend retreat -- saying AGAIN how glad she is that she decided to go through the training.

Barbara says, “I cannot begin to tell you how much I love being a CTA. It’s a lot more than just four days at Sew Expo! I’ve enjoyed the sewing retreats, the meetings, and especially teaching young people how to sew.”

Last year, my husband came with me to the Quilter’s Night Out. The special evening events are always entertaining – and the Ricky Tims concert was awesome. His evening of music and storytelling was inspirational – and we still talk about it – a year later.

My personal 2011 highlight was seeing my granddaughter, Rhianna, participate in the Sunday Coats & Clark Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition charity event. As I watched her on the Expo runway, it filled me with joy to know that Sew Expo has helped me pass along my love of sewing to the next generation…”

I'd like to take a moment to thank ALL our CTA'S. They are a dedicated corps of volunteers who are the heart of Sew Expo. They are the friendly faces you see when you walk in the gate -- when you attend a class, ask for help or need to know where the ladies room is. And they don't just work four days a year. They get training, have meetings, do community outreach, teach kids how to sew and attend sewing retreats to sharpen their skills...THEN THEY COME WORK THE SHOW TO HELP YOU.

Thanks, Barb, for becoming a new CTA -- and for playing my blogging game.

I am looking forward to seeing ALL MY FAVORITE CTA'S -- at the biggest and best sewing party in America!!

If YOU WOULD LIKE to become a Clothing & Textile Advisor -- please contact Ann Sagawa. She would be delighted to let you know when the next training is scheduled. Ann's email is:

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