Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good question, Diana

I'm having trouble viewing my "comments" and responding to them in the usual way...but (on the admin page) I read Diana's comment and she brings up a good point.

She wondered why we had to pay the teachers to teach the Two-Needle Classes.

Good question, Diana.

We decided to introduce the Two-Needle classes and PAY THE TEACHERS for two very important reasons.

First of all -- attendees say the One-Needle classes often feel like an "infomercial". The teachers MUST sell their products, new patterns, books, notions, etc. -- precisely BECAUSE WE DO NOT PAY THEM TO TEACH. Paying them would allow them to focus on teaching their subject and/or project -- because they wouldn't have to worry about "making sales".

Secondly -- we paid the teachers for the Two-Needle classes because they had to provide a "substantial hand-out" with the step-out information, designs, instructions or project they were teaching.

We hoped that if we paid the teachers, gave them TWICE as much time, equipped a special room with the newest and latest technology, and asked them to provide a detailed, in-depth hand-out -- these Two-Needle classes would be a good value for you. We wanted them to be a compromise between the One-Needle classes and the hands-on workshops.

It was a noble experiment.

But -- hey -- how does that adage go? 'If you don't fail sometimes -- you're not trying hard enough."So the good news know we are ALWAYS trying hard...

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  1. Thanks for the explanation, Rita! Always good to know the 'why'. It was a good try - and certainly worth the try. You wouldn't know unless you tried.

    True that some classes are more infomercial, but I, for one, vote with my selections for the following years. If someone gave too much of an infomercial, I don't go back. And, as you know, there are several discussion lists where people report on the classes; we pass on the info to each other. I've actually been in some classes where the instructor 'taught' on something she didn't have in their booth and others where they had to be reminded to give their booth number. I don't mind a bit of a 'sell' as long as it's not the entire presentation! Most aren't. I know going in - as should many - that you're going to get a short sales pitch; that's what they're there for!