Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Set Up DAY

HOLY COW...this is such a busy place!! I know you're worried about the weather (I'm speaking to my sewing sisters here) -- but let me assure you -- it is TYPICAL. It was cold this morning (but not freezing)...and there was some rain (but not enough for an umbrella)....then there was a little sun (not enough to get a tan)...

Janet is telling the crew at the fairgrounds which building must be opened in time for the early morning four-needle classes...

And Ann is all the way across the Fairgrounds, directing the 120 ladies who are taking theier four-needle classes in the Paulhamous building. (Peggy Sagers, Kathy Ruddy, Connie Crawford and Barbara Crawford are in these four classrooms...)

Many ladies went to the wrong building -- but to ease their pain -- we DID have the coffee/scone guy set up over there. And it was my job to demonstrate how delicious the scones are!!

Back in the Expo Hall -- the four-needle classes are going full tilt this morning. Cindy Rowell has a sold out "Machine beading & surface embellishment"in the Pfaff room....Candice Jewett also has a packed house for her popular serger workbook class in the Baby Lock room....

Janet Pray is full with her Double Green Shopping Bag in the Brother room...and

Libby Lehman in the Bernina room is teaching her "Pinatita Party"...

WHEW!! Of course, these intense four-needle classes are so popular, they are the first to sell out -- and we have ADDED classes -- so there may be a few tickets available for SUNDAY -- so if you're interested -- check out the complete schedule.

Page 31 of the Registration Brochure -- which is on the show website

INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW: There is FREE internet at the Fairgrounds. Just do a search on your tablet, laptop or phone...and you will be automatically logged on as a "Fairguest"...and you must "ACCEPT" the terms.


See you in Puyallup!!

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