Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The show is a living, breathing thing. We strive to ALWAYS MAKE IT BETTER -- which means we try new things, and constantly assess what's working and what's not working.

One thing is for sure -- you LOVE the hands-on workshops. Of course, because these three-needle classes require sewing machines, they are limited to 30 students -- so there is no way we can accommodate everybody. They sell out quickly and many of you are very disappointed.

Two years ago -- we launched the two-needle class format. The purpose was to give more attendees the opportunity for more in-depth learning. Obviously, the One-Needle seminars, which are only 45 minutes long, can only cover a limited amount of information.

We took one Classroom -- Room F -- and FULLY EQUIPPED IT. It has a camera man, and television screens, and all the technology for the teachers to do more IN DEPTH teaching. The teachers have twice as much time -- and they were told to bring EXTENSIVE handouts...many of them choosing to put all the "how-to" information on CD's or DVD's. Because this classroom costs us way more money -- and each class is twice as long as the One-Needle classes -- the class fee was $20 because WE PAY THE TEACHERS to present these two-needle topics.

We KNOW you want a hands-on experience -- and the Two Needle class format was our compromise...

But ticket sales are sluggish -- the format is costing us too much money -- so we will not be offering two-needle seminars next year.

SO TAKE A GOOD LOOK -- 2012 is your LAST CHANCE...

The evaluations from attendees of the two-needle classes have been excellent. Our best teachers -- Connie Crawford, Pati Palmer, Eileen Roche, Sue Hausmann, Jan Bones, etc. -- have all worked hard to BRING IT.

They developed topics for their two-needle classes so they could BE MORE IN DEPTH...and then they produced fabulous, extensive class handouts.

I'm just saying -- go to the website and take another look. This is your last chance...Page 18 of the Registration's the link:

Here's the link to the Two Needle Grid in the Registration Brochure

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  1. Feedback - one reason I was not interested in the 2 needle seminars was, frankly, the cost. At twice the length of the 1 needle seminar and 4 times the cost, it didn't seem worth it to me. I know they were supposed to have more in-depth information, but I can get 4 sessions for the same price. Question - since you don't pay the speakers for the other classes, why did you have to pay them for these classes?