Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upcycle-Rama and Sweater Coats

If you've ever seen Mary Mulari and me do our "Midwest Ya Ya Sister" act -- you know how much we love recycled sweaters!! We have made everything under the sun -- dog jackets, tea cozys, shawls -- we are BIG FANS of recycled sweaters. At last year's show, the Threadbangers had a whole truckload of Goodwill sweaters for you to make restyled accessories. and THIS year -- we're doing a similar event with Janome and the SewUpSeattle bloggers!

Imagine my delight when I found this talented Etsy seller and her beautiful sweater coats!

I LOVE MY JOB. I got to interview Jill (who lives in bitter cold Wisconsin) -- and, of course -- I ordered my custom sweater coat BEFORE all the publicity hits and she's too busy to make it for me!! It will be PERFECT for Puyallup -- and Jill told me I'd have it in time for the show!

This picture is a sample of one of Jill's coats. Here's a link for Jill's etsy store -- you can go there now, because I ALREADY ORDERED MY COAT...

Because a big part of my pleasure comes from SHOPPING IN THRIFT STORES -- I decided to send Jill a box of my own TREASURES to make my sweatercoat out of...and she often does this. Here's what I sent her -- remember the zebra-striped sweater? (featured in an earlier post on this blog). Well -- here's part of what she got from me...

You'll have to COME TO SEE MARY AND ME AT OUR FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE EVENT to see me wearing my Jill Sweatercoat. (I told her to put some business cards in the pocket!!)

AND -- YOU'LL also get to see the mini-version I made for baby Lillian!! Oh My Goodness!! it is soooooo cute! Of course, I had to add a little zebra-stripe...I think it's going to be her signature detail.

Tickets for Friday Night LIVE are only $20 each.

Send an email to: Tell them what you want -- and be sure to include your phone number so they can call you back. (do NOT put your credit card number in the email)


  1. Wear it well!! It was so fun to make for you. Thanks for the post and good luck with the show. Jill

  2. Jill -- I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GET IT!! It won't be "officially unveiled" until FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE...and, at that time, I'll also unveil the little mini-me version I made for Lillian (one year old!). GREAT JOB, is stunning!!

  3. A recycle sweater coat is really unique and very creative. this is my first time to see a recycle sweater coats. wish you can make also like a white lab coats