Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Here's the Midwest Ya Ya Sisters -- presenting our show in Chautauqua, New York last fall. We got to wear our "GO RED" outfits several times last year -- in Florida, and Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Even though we made the outfits for the Go RED event at 2009 Expo -- we never really got a good picture of the two of us there. I also made a PRETTY SNAZZY wrap that you didn't see, either. So, we just might have to start Friday Night LIVE by sharing a story with you -- and the impact of these outfits...

This is a picture of Mary during her December visit to Iowa. We put the FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE Midwest Ya Ya show together -- with lots of thrift store/antique shopping! AND we enjoyed a Christmas bouquet that a friend sent me. WHAT A GREAT IDEA. Honestly. I had no idea how much I would enjoy a flower centerpiece on my table during the holidays. When the original flowers started to die -- I freshened it up with some grocery store stems. I kept it on the table right through New Year's Day!! AWESOME. Thanks again...

The focus of our 2010 Friday Night LIVE presentation is quick gifts for boyfriends, babies and best friends. Our inspiration for the program is that Mary has a boyfriend (Doug -- and yes, he has been a fun development). I have my first grand-baby -- (Lillian -- who I write about all the time) and how much we both value the important women friendships in our lives.

To PUMP IT UP -- we decided it would be fun to have our own "challenge". So, at our brand-new Friday Night LIVE show -- you will see the results of our CHALLENGE. What was the challenge? Well... I got to work with THIS bridesmaid dress...

While Mary got to work with THIS TRIO of lovlies...

It'll be fun to see what we came up with, eh?


  1. Can't wait! You 2 are so funny - and put life in TRUE perspective!

  2. Hey, Londa! See you at the show. Watch this blog, people, for some inside scoop on what LONDA IS BRINGING to Expo!!