Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mystery Helpers

This is a very interesting "TEST" of the blog...

Bonne Swett and Jan Potter are the dynamic duo who presented their "25 Sewing Expo Challenges" last year. Remember? Well -- the good news is that THEY ARE COMING BACK in 2010.

If you've received your Registration Brochure (available to download at sewexpo.com -- you will see they are once again our special presenters at a FREE presentation on Thursday, at 12:30, on the Expo Runway (when, ALLEGEDLY, the professional models will be EATING LUNCH)...

The only little bit of bad news is that they didn't get the contact information for the two volunteers who were such fabulous help last year...and they'd love to FIND THESE TWO WOMEN.

The good news is that they did get THIS ONE SINGLE PICTURE...and I'm now posting it on my blog. So, if you recognize either one of the helpers -- or if you ARE one of the helpers -- and you're willing to help again this year -- please let me know. (ritafar@aol.com)

There isn't a reward or anything...just the satisfaction of knowing you have brought people together...

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