Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It Takes A Village

The best sewing speakers from all over the world come to Puyallup -- and they do not get paid -- they never have. Which is why the 45- minute one-needle classes cost only $5.

The Sewing & Stitchery Expo is a completely self-supporting show. It always has been. That means, there is no money coming from anywhere to "underwrite" the show. You might be surprised to learn that the show pays WSU for their excellent, competent management services.

And the show pays many OTHER VERY BIG BILLS -- things you may not even think about. Renting the fairgrounds costs six figures...publishing the registration brochure and mailing it costs six figures...the AV company -- the biggest outfit in Seattle -- sends us every piece of equipment they have, slide projectors, microphones, sound systems and cute engineers to staff the rooms -- way into six figures, people.

AND -- the pictures in this post are about our biggest bill. The Show Dresser. The first picture is what the inside of the Showplex building looks like BEFORE the show dresser comes in. Make no mistake -- we pay for every banner and sign that is hung -- we pay for every single table they bring in, every folding chair, every foot of pipe & drape to create the booths for our vendors, the stages for our Style Shows...

Some banners going up:

An overhead shot of the same area -- moments after we opened the doors:

Yes -- IT TAKES A VILLAGE, people!! And this show would never happen if it wasn't for the support we get from you -- the 30,000 sewing enthusiasts WHO ATTEND THE SHOW. You come, you pay a gate fee, you pay class fees, and because of that -- we are able to attract the best speakers in the sewing industry -- they come, they rent a booth, they pay to ship in their merchandise -- and they always bring you their A GAME.

Because of you -- and our speakers -- we are able to pay our rent, our printing costs, advertising bills, the show dresser, the AV boys, all the overhead expenses.

You also SHOP. Yes, you melt down your credit cards buying the newest and latest patterns and books from our vendors and speakers. THAT'S WHY THEY COME. We have the best speakers in the world -- and we both appreciate YOU -- OUR AMAZING AUDIENCE.

So -- Make no mistake -- WE NEED YOU!! Ramp it up, girls & boys -- GRAB YOUR FRIENDS -- MAKE YOUR PLANS -- THE SEWING AND STITCHERY EXPO IS COMING AT WARP SPEED...February 25, 26, 27 & 28 it'll be here before you know it!!


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