Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ticket Office


As you know -- we worked really hard this year to get the Registration Brochure out to you EARLY -- and WE DID IT! That's the GOOD NEWS...

The bad news (and it's really just more good news..) is that when the ticket office officially "opened" on January 5th -- they were COMPLETELY SNOWED UNDER with Registration Forms...!! Which prompted Joanne Ross, the Chair of the show -- to send me this email:

Hi Rita,
We need you to tell our customers that, initially, our ticket processing will get off to a slow start and please ask them to be patient. Our mail is coming like hotcakes......a good thing........but because there are so many more class offerings, it is taking longer to double-check each order to make sure there are no mistakes.

Tell them we appreciate their patience and not to call the ticket office. If they have not received their tickets in 4 weeks, then call. They may also fax orders in by using 253-473-2680. (there's a $2 extra charge for fax orders)


REMEMBER, EXPO FANS -- your registration form is handled by a "real person" -- and you will be sent an envelope of "real tickets" -- hand-picked by that real person, per your request. If one of the classes you signed up for is sold out -- that real person will call you on the phone to offer a substitute. We are the only show in the country that delivers this kind of personal service -- and, yes, it takes some time.

So -- if you've already sent in your registration form -- sit back and relax. For one month. If you do not have your tickets four weeks after you sent them in -- then you can call.



  1. Sweet Katie phoned me today, to tell me a class I signed up for is already full. Oh so sad! :( It was amazing to have the lovely voice on the other end trying to help me reorganize my very full schedule.

    Thanks to all the 'real' people handling all our registrations. What a tremendous effort.

    Greatly appreciated at this end....

  2. THANKS, Carol, for posting! IT'S TRUE -- we still use REAL PEOPLE. And they are working just as fast as they can...I hope you found a good substitute class..!

  3. So tell me....if I'm coming from Australia, will they call *me* if a class is full? I mean, that's an international call! LOL.

    Oh & I'm not coming this year but planning it for next year. :)

  4. hey, Alison -- we can hardly wait to see you next year. With long distance charges and time zones -- we would prefer to email our Australian customers!