Monday, October 3, 2011

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

DO NOT FORGET to make some pillowcases for the children at Mary Bridge! The other day I got an email from Chris (of the Judy & Chris Ya Ya Stalker duo) -- and she wanted to know if we were still doing the Pillowcase Patrol.

The answer is a resounding YES, YES, YES...

They used up every single one of our pillowcases, ladies!! SO START SEWING THEM RIGHT NOW...I can't imagine a better use for your sewing talent...!!

According to Barbara -- our contact at Mary Bridge -- your pillowcases PUT MANY SMILES on the faces of children who are in a very scarry place.

Barbara said, "sometimes, we have to tell the kids that their Mommy or Daddy can't go in the room with them -- but they can take this pillowcase..."

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