Monday, October 24, 2011

Look Who's Coming

Eileen Roche—Meet the person who wrote the book on embroidery!

Eileen is the founder, publisher, and editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. She is also an innovator in her field—developing products in the embroidery industry that save time and money while enabling embroiderers to fulfill their creative passion for machine embroidery. Eileen is a sought-after teacher whose enthusiasm for embroidery and sewing is contagious.

She is a frequent guest on Sewing With Nancy and she also hosts the Embroider It Yourself educational video series. She is the author of Contemporary Machine Embroidered Quilts, Contemporary Machine-Embroidered Fashions, and Contemporary Machine-Embroidered Accessories.

Eileen and her family call Dallas their home. And it's been a long time since she taught at Sew Expo!

Here's what Eileen has planned...

Eileen Roche
Two needle – Quilting With An Embroidery Machine
Learn revolutionized quilting techniques that turn traditional quilting upside down. You’ll quilt, then appliqué and finally piece instead of piece, appliqué and quilt. The secret to successful machine embroidered quilting and appliqué lies in four key factors. Embroidery expert Eileen Roche demonstrates how to select the right fabrics, hoop a quilt sandwich, stitch continuous borders and piece with reversible piecing.

Three Needle – In the Hoop Posh Pincushion
Worse than potato chips – you can’t make just one of these addictive, charming in the hoop pincushions. You’ll learn easy editing right at the machine and then “sew” with an embroidery machine. Finish by adding a trio of one-of-a-kind trims and learn how to ‘tuft’ with two shank buttons. This Posh Pincushion will be your new go-to gift for 2012.

We are DELIGHTED to have Eileen returning to Sew Expo!

As we put the final touches on the class grid -- in the next few weeks, I'll tell you who's coming to the show and who's teaching what.

Read this show blog on Mondays for the latest announcements -- AND some information on new teachers and vendors who will be coming to the show next year...

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