Monday, February 28, 2011

Jan & Bonne and CLARE

You only have TWO CHANCES to see the Inspired2Sew duo. The first two days of the show -- at 12:30 on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY ONLY -- on the Expo Runway (upstairs in the Pavilion). Jan Potter and Bonne Swett have more fun than anybody I ever met. They are longtime friends and Expo fans. Every year, they buy the same fabric, pattern, or new notion -- and then CHALLENGE each other to create something original. Here I am with them, wearing last year's Pink & Red challenge...

It was such a delight to have one of our young sewing enthusiasts, Clare meet Jan & Bonne -- (pictured here with me and her Mom) .

Clare really got into the Inspired2Sew SWING of things...Jan & Bonne included her in a challenge -- and I believe there was a lot of email trash-talking ramping up to the show...! I asked Clare for a little bio -- she wrote:

"I am 13 and have been sewing for 6 years. I am starting to really enjoy it. I knit and embroider. My other interests are reading, cooking, being with family and friends.

I am so happy to have met Jan and Bonne. I had had previous sewing experiences that were not fun. Last year after meeting them I was again interested in sewing and it has been great to be in touch with them. I really feel like someone cares about making sewing fun.

Looking forward to seeing you.

THANKS, CLARE...for playing our sewing game!! And I love, love, love the picture of you in your "make it with wool" entry!!

This certainly looks like a winner to me! We are all looking forward to seeing what you came up with for the Inspired2Sew challenges, Clare.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay -- I'm packing my bags here in Iowa. Excited about my GREAT NEW SHOW CLOTHES!! Thanks again, Deb. I am sending you a thank-you-box of treasures today. (well, okay, maybe it's also MORE embroidery projects for you to do...)

Laura had a great idea! NEWBIE TIPS.

HERE are Rita Farro's Top Ten SewExpo TIPS:
  1. Wear comfortable shoes. If you're doing it right -- you will walk miles and miles...
  2. Have your class schedule print-out handy -- maybe in a side pocket of your totebag.
  3. Oh yeah -- BRING A BIG TOTEBAG. Remember -- we do not provide totebags. AND we are having a TOTEBAG CHALLENGE. Go to the Creative DRAWings booth -- and enter to win $799 embroidery software!!
  4. CHECK OUT THE FREE STYLE SHOW SCHEDULE. Remember -- on the Expo Runway -- on Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- there are SIX FREE FASHION SHOWS every day. It's a great place to go and sit in a comfy chair for a bit...(the Expo Runway is upstairs, in the Pavilion).
  5. Make sure your cellphone is fully charged. It's the #1 way to hook up with your people -- but it doesn't do you any good if the battery is dead...
  6. Carry your credit card and/or cash -- in a small "neckpurse". The easier it is to get to it -- the better off you'll be. The booths get very busy during the class breaks, and you don't want to spend time fumbling for your credit card or money.
  7. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE BAG CHECK. It's conveniently located between the Pavilion and the Showplex. You DON'T NEED TO CARRY YOUR PACKAGES AROUND ALL DAY LONG.
  8. If you want it -- BUY IT WHEN YOU SEE IT. Remember, our vendors ship their merchandise in for this show -- and when it's gone, it's usually "gone". In many cases, they only printed or produced a certain number. They use Sew Expo to market their newest and latest patterns and books...the hot items ALWAYS SELL OUT...
  9. Pack some healthy snacks but do save room for some Fischer Scones. I mean -- IT'S SEW EXPO!!
  10. Another great place to take a sit-break is the Free Stage. Located in the Showplex -- there is a different presentation every hour -- and you just might accidentally learn something!
  11. Did I already say -- WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES? (it would have been 10 tips if I had left out the Fisher Scones tip...I mean...really??)

Friday, February 18, 2011

DO NOT MISS Ricky Tims!!!

It is always exciting when we have a very big name in the sewing/quilting world come to Sewing & Stitchery Expo for the VERY FIRST TIME...

And this year -- of course -- it is Ricky Tims. He will be presenting his special musical program on Saturday night at our Quilter's Night Out...

And -- as famous as Ricky Tims is for his musical talent -- the Grand Piano and fabulous singing...make no mistake. This guy is a world-class quilt teacher!!

And there has been a little confusion about what Ricky is teaching on Sunday morning. Sunday morning -- Ricky will be UPSTAIRS IN THE PAVILION -- on the Expo Runway. This room is set up with two screens -- and Ricky is used to a large room -- so we are taking advantage of our best facility to showcase Ricky's world-famous quit techniques.

TO BE CLEAR -- Ricky will be presenting his special "CONVERGENCE & RHAPSODY QUILTS" as a two-needle class on Sunday morning. ($20 fee -- from 8:30- 10:00 AM)

Here is the description:

Exciting quilting explodes when Ricky combines two of his popular methods
in this presentation. Harmonic Convergence will teach you to create magical,
mysterious and fun art quilts that open up creativity in an instant. Then
take an even bigger leap forward as Ricky teaches you how to design and
create your own Rhapsody Quilt similar to his multi-award winning quilts.
Ricky will show you how to design your original medallion block, demonstrate
some of the techniques that have made his quilts so memorable, and
give you the knowledge and confidence to create your own.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yahoo Sew Expo GROUP...

SO MANY PEOPLE all over the country are working to get ready for Expo...there are just a few weeks left...

Laura Mendoza is helping some of the rookies getting ready for the Coats & Clark Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition...

Laura belongs to the Yahoo group -- here's one last shout-out...

One last shout-out for our Sew Expo Yahoo Group This is a totally awesome group! If you want to meet others going to Expo, want a ride from the airport to Expo, looking for carpooling from your hotel, looking for a hotel, wanting Expo tips/hints/advice, looking for someone to sit by in class, or just want to chat about sewing & Expo this is the site for you. This group was started by an Expo attendee a couple years ago (not me BTW). We are getting close to 300 members now. Many of us meet for dinner the night before Expo. Okay, let's make that a LOT of us meet for dinner. As of this writing, we have 87 people signed up for this year's dinner. If you want to go, you need to go to our yahoo group and sign up. All the details are on the group site.
Come join us, and, hey, you get to meet me too :-)
Laura in Puyallup
Sew Expo Yahoo dinner coordinator

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buzz Tool DESIGNS...

Lisa Shaw of Buzz Tools -- has graciously volunteered to provide fun, juvenile embroidery designs for your Mary Bridge pillowcases. I took this great picture of Lisa at the 2009 Quilt Market in Houston -- and am DElighted to have an excuse to use it!

Here's the link for the cute designs -- PILLOWCASE PATROL FREE DESIGNS

Of course, your pillowcases do NOT have to be embroidered -- we just thought this would make it more fun for those of you who are hooked on embroidery.

And, certainly -- you are free to use any embroidery designs you already have. That's how this all started! Lisa heard about what you were doing -- and offered to size something specifically for pillowcases.

I have SEEN some of the pillowcases ya'll are making for the children of Mary Bridge. One woman told me she's cleared out an entire closet of her "stash" fabrics. Once she got started, she just could not stop...she told me, "I couldn't think of a better use for my beloved fabric collection."

And now she can buy MORE FABRIC -- RIGHT??

Remember -- Coats & Clark will be giving a spool of thread to every person who donates pillowcases (one per person, please).

AND you will receive a "door prize ticket" for every pillowcase you donate....for our "Grand Prize" which will be announced next week. (Rita said hopefully).

Which means that Leanne, who is making 100 pillowcases for Mary Bridge -- will have 100 chances to win the GRAND PRIZE...(which will be announced next week -- remember -- she said hopefully)...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Second Wave Waive Sale

We're coming down to the wire...the show is gonna be awesome...we are happy that we've made the leap to online registration...thanks for your support and your patience.

But guess what happened? Maybe -- just maybe -- you ordered your seminar tickets but forgot to order your "daily" tickets. Yes -- I'm talking to you...

PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKETS. Please make sure you have a "daily" ticket for every day you'll be attending the show. ($10 in advance, $12 at the gate)

Because we realize there was a "learning curve" on this new process -- we don't want you to have to pay another $4 online registration fee if you need more tickets. SO WE ARE GOING TO WAIVE THE FEE...

Here's the deal. STARTING ON FRIDAY, February 11 -- through FRIDAY, February 25 -- WE ARE WAIVING THE $4 Online Registration FEE.

That's right. You can go back into the system and order the daily tickets (that you may have forgot the first time) -- and ANY OTHER TICKETS YOU'D LIKE...

Since this the second wave of ticket orders - we're calling it the "Second Wave Waive Sale"...(yes, that Ann Sagawa is a very clever girl...)

The only classes sold out across the board are the 3-Needle hands-on machine classes...

But our fabulous, more detailed, intense 2-Needle classes are still available...And 90% of our 1-Needle classes, because most of them are in large rooms that accommodate 200-300 attendees -- ARE STILL AVAILABLE...

Friday Night LIVE is sold out -- but there are still tickets available for Ricky Tims and his fabulous musical concert -- ON A GRAND you can still purchase your tickets for QUILTER'S NIGHT OUT...

You can still sign up for classes with Eleanor Burns, Mary Mulari, Nancy Zieman -- the biggest names in the sewing industry are bringing you their newest and latest...

#1: Please check your tickets to make sure you have a daily ticket for each day you plan to attend.

#2: Make a list of any OTHER CLASSES you want to attend.

#3: Starting on Friday, February 11 -- we will waive the $4 handling fee for any online registrations...!!

P.S. On Friday, February 25, we close down the online system.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Motel OFFER?

This is an email I received -- and I'm just passing it on....this is EXACTLY what this blog is sounds like a great offer -- and if Sig worked in my rooms many times before -- she must be an honest, trustworthy person who I'd enjoy sharing a room with!! (although, I'm staying in Gail Brown's condo this year...and can hardly wait!!)

GREAT RATE, SIG -- and thanks for getting the information to me...

I doubt that you remember me, but my name is Sig and I am one of the CTAs that have worked your rooms before - actually many times before :)

I stopped by a motel in Fife on my way home (Seattle) from Tacoma a few weeks ago and reserved a room so I can get more sleep during Expo this year.

As I was talking with the manager, she made an offer. I don't know if you can add this to your blog or not, and I have not been in the rooms so do not know what they are like, but it sure sounds like a good deal for the attendees.

If we can get 20 rooms filled with Expo attendees, she will provide FREE SHUTTLE service to Expo! That is virtually door to door service! No lugging packages all the way to those parking lots. And for those flying in, this could solve their transportation problems. Or at least maybe save them the cost of renting a car. And for those that live a few hours away and normally
drive, if they split the room with a friend, well the cost of gas and the lack of sleep make this a serious consideration.

Anyhow, the deal is that this motel is only 15 minutes away by the back roads. (on the yahoo list, people have mentioned that they are staying as far away as Federal Way!) $44.99 for a single, $54.99 for a double. This is NOT the price they will get if they book through the website or the 800 number. They need to book with the manager and mention I told them about it or write to me at and I will get them in touch with the manager.

The motel used to be an EconoLodge but is now a Rodeway.

So would you consider adding this to your blog?

So they can email me if interested at and I will give them Karla's info.

thanks so much

(I know and I am sure you do too, how hard it can be to find a place to stay when you are unfamiliar with the area, and "helpful" people at hotels/motels will say they are really close to where you want to be, only to find out that they are definitely NOT close at all (like those poor people staying in SeaTac and Federal Way).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Thank you for your patience. The ticket office has now processed ALL THE ORDERS from the first week of online registration. However -- it was pretty crazy – and some orders may have dropped through the cracks. So – if you have NOT RECEIVED your tickets in the mail – please send an email to Ann Sagawa at:

Write “Missing Tickets” in the subject line. Be sure to include your contact information: (full name, mailing address and phone numbers).

The ticket office will contact you. THANKS AGAIN for being so patient…

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pillowcase Patrol

Our 2011 Charity event is the Coats & Clark Pro-Am Sewing Exhibition. Because our charity this year is the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital -- we are ALSO collecting pillowcases for the patients and families of Mary Bridge. Here's more information...

Mary Bridge is Western Washington’s only state designated Level II Pediatric Trauma hospital. With 72 inpatient beds and a busy outpatient clinic, Mary Bridge specializes in advanced care for children offering services to patients for everything from open-heart surgery to asthma treatment, cancer care to diabetes. Their mission is to provide compassionate and exceptional care for all children, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

One of Expo's attendees, Leanne -- had a goal of making 100 pillowcases...and she is well on her way...

When I sent a picture to Barbara Bartolatz Littrell, our contact person at the hospital -- she wrote back, "Wow, 100 pillowcases from one donor! That is fantastic. We see about 4,400 patients in the hospital each year and 80,000 patients in our outpatient clinics. When a child comes to Mary Bridge for a day surgery or a stay in the hospital, we like to have their room be a friendly, welcoming place. Colorful soft pillowcases and small stuffed animals on each bed help to make the unfamiliar surroundings more comfortable and less frightening for our patients. We joke that moms and dads cannot go into the operating room, but pillowcases and beanie babies can."
I'd like to thank Annette, here with her Mom, Leanne -- for sending me the great pictures!! I interviewed them for the Seattle Times -- and if you see them at the show -- be sure to say "THANKS FOR MAKING ALL THOSE BEAUTIFUL PILLOWCASES."

Remember -- every person who drops off pillowcases will receive a "thank-you" spool of thread from Coats & Clark (one per customer, please). AND for each pillowcase, you'll receive a door prize ticket for our GRAND DOOR PRIZE DRAWING -- which will take place on Sunday.

Mary Bridge has not imposed a lot of rules and regulations about the pillowcases. We think this is a wonderful project -- and -- hey -- most of us have bought way more fabric than we need -- what A GREAT WAY TO USE UP YOUR FABRIC STASH!!

If you need a pattern -- Ann has a pillowcase pattern from Pacific Fabrics posted on the show website -- or, of course, you could go into any Pacific Fabrics location to pick up their pattern directions.

You might also find free pillowcase patterns online. We don't care what pattern you use. Remember -- the pillowcases are for the children -- or they will be used at the Mary Bridge Tree House -- where families can stay while their children are undergoing treatment.

One of our vendors, Buzz Tools -- has created some beautiful juvenile embroidery designs. So, if you have an embroidery machine -- you can go to the BuzzTools website and download the designs.



It's going to be AWESOME...