Monday, June 27, 2011

Post Show Newsletter Feedback

Dear Expo Fans,

YOU ARE AMAZING!! Every year, when Joanne writes the "post show newsletter" -- she responds to the complaints and/or suggestions we received after the show. And you, in turn, respond by telling us how SHOCKED YOU ARE THAT ANYBODY WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SHOW!!


We KNOW how much you love the show. And we KNOW the complaints are actually few and far between -- and frequently about things we do not control...

The point is -- YES --we DO READ every single suggestion. But NO -- we're not fishing for compliments.

But's been wonderful to get all your fan letters, telling us how much you love the show and appreciate everything about the Sewing & Stitchery Expo. We know you understand how hard we work to keep the cost down, while providing world-class special events, hundreds of seminars, a wonderful vendor floor, exciting FREE style shows, FREE parking, etc.

I'll be sharing some of the wonderful, positive emails we've received...this is one of my favorites:


Hello Rita,

I just finished reading your newsletter. I attended the Expo in 2008 and 2009. I would love nothing better than to be there every year, but I live in the Toronto area. So it just isn't possible.

Having read the many suggestions, I have to write and tell you how Sew Expo compares to the Toronto shows. While of course there are many positive suggestions, in many cases I think the ladies who attend Sew Expo really don't appreciate how good they've got it! The fall Toronto show is "downtown." Parking is outrageously expensive. I can't say how much it costs, because I don't drive down there. It is just too scary! If you can park for $20/day I would be amazed. $30 or more is more likely! I either take the GO Train down or more often, I have someone drop me off a hotel the night before and pick me up at the end of the show, or after the day or two that I attend. (Yes, I am counting my blessings... grateful to have both friends and relatives to ferry me back and forth!) The spring show has been at the International Centre near the airport for several years. Traffic is very busy down there, but I manage it. Parking is free, but the lots are huge! They surround the building. As there are usually multiple events taking place there at the same time, parking is scarce. Handicapped spaces (I also have a permit, as does my daughter) are hard to find. The one thing they do there that gets them a gold star is that they set aside some of the closest regular spaces near the main doors as temporary handicapped parking, and if you are fortunate you may get one of those spots. Otherwise, bring your hiking boots and your cane!

While we have had some good classes and wonderful teachers, there are oodles of teachers that we have never seen in Toronto!!! The number and variety of classes here can't hold a candle to Puyallup!

Now I have read, and heard personally, some complaints both about the quality of the food, and its costs. I hope you will tell all of the Puyallup attendees that they are dining on gourmet fare compared to Toronto. And we are paying three times as much for about the worst food imaginable!

The Toronto show is put on by a private company. They are interested in only one thing: money. I will relate an experience that underscores this fact and should help to show how your show is superior! One year, fall show, I planned to go for either two or three of the four days. I selected my classes and sent in my registration and class fees. One of the classes I elected to take was available on two days. I would only be at the show on one of the days, so of course that is when I scheduled it. Shortly before the show I received a phone call, telling me that my class had been moved to Monday, I think it was... which was a day I would not be attending. I told them that, and they suggested I choose another course. I replied that I had already taken all of the classes I wanted, and there simply wasn't another one I was interested in. I asked for a refund. They refused and told me I would have to take the class on the Monday. While they have a strict "no refund" policy, I thought applying it when they had changed the class was beyond unfair. I told them so, and they refused to budge! My daughter ended up taking the class in my place while I looked after my grandson. Contrast that with your policy which lets you exchange the lecture tickets, and cash in the class tickets at will, within a certain reasonable time frame if I am remembering correctly!

Well, there are lots of other reasons I prefer the Puyallup show, but those are the main reasons. While I didn't linger long on the subject, the wonderful classes and teachers offered are the first and foremost reason... nothing like that here! While I know it's human nature to, well, complain a little ;) and indeed there are probably some who would love to attend the Toronto show and would dismiss my complaints, I just had to write and tell you what a good job your group is doing with the Puyallup show. Maybe if these ladies realize that they are already on the side of the fence with the greener grass they will count their blessings, and as Ann Landers used to say, "kwitcherbeefin'".

I'll be back as soon as I can... happy knees would be nice, and no urgent family issues and no more renovations... those are what held me back these last two years!

Happy Stitching!
A Fan in Canada!!


  1. I'm sure everyone thinks it could be better, but we in the Northwest, especially, really have it GREAT! The cost is low compared to other shows, the vendors and teachers are exceptional (as a general rule). We LOVE our show and the crew who work so hard to put it on! Thanks for all you do!

  2. That's our mission, Diana! THANKS fro reading...