Monday, July 4, 2011

Look Who I Ran Into!!

Happy Fourth of July!! I hope you had a picnic with the people you love -- and don't get around to reading my boring blog until at last the day

THANKS again for your kind remarks about the post-show newsletter. We DO KNOW that the large majority of you are very, very happy with Expo and it is heartwarming to read all the positive emails that followed that newsletter. Please be assured, once again, that the complaints are few and far between -- and we know what we can change and what we can't. Thanks for being so supportive...

As you know - I attend a lot of sewing events, all over the country -- and it is always fun for me to run into Expo speakers. In May at Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam -- I heard somebody holler, "HI RITA" -- and I turned to see the smiling faces of Cindy and Ron Losekamp...

One of these pictures was from Puyallup -- the other is from Beaver Dam...I'm telling you -- always smiling no matter where I see them.

Cindy's Beaver Dam classes were packed -- and I thought I should ask her what's new...

THEN I remembered -- I have the power to do a little video!!

To see what new stuff Cindy is working on -- be sure to visit her website: Sew Artfully Yours

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