Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Lock Kids

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!! I just started to work with the 1000 PICTURES we had taken by a professional photographer during Expo. Her name is London -- and she got some awesome pictures of you!! I have a whole year's worth of audience shots, class room shots, style show shots -- you name it!!

Remember our Sunday community events? One of the afternoon style shows was put on by a group of elementary school children. And this is their fabulous GROUP SHOT.

Who's that tall guy standing in the back? Steve Jeffery from Baby Lock. They have been very supportive of the kids' program -- and Steve came into town early so he could visit the kids at the school. Remember the Baby Lock sweatshirts he gave all of them?

Steve fits right in with these kids! Nobody had a better time than he did that day. His personal (and business) motto is..."FOR THE LOVE..."

In a future blog post, I'll post a picture of the TWO Baby Lock machine winners from Eleanor Burns Quilter's Night Out. Remember how that happened? Were you there?

YES -- they really did give away TWO ESPIRE Baby Lock machines that night...

Hey -- reason enough NEVER TO MISS a special event, eh? After all -- somebody's gotta win!!

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