Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eileen's Burning Expo Questions...

It's Thursday morning. I got home late last night...and the FIRST THING I DID WAS go to this blog...Expo was FANTASTIC. The weather cooperated (for the most part) -- and I felt like Kevin Costner, in my favorite baseball moie, Field of Dreams...BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME....I'll be posting lots of pictures and stories in the future. But, for this morning, I'm posting an email I got from Eileen Roche (Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine...)

Eileen wrote,

Ok, Rita, I could handle the sideways photos – kinda fun leaning to the left at my desk! But alas, it didn’t last long. I know, I know, it’s way more fun to run around the fairgrounds in the golf cart! And buck the line at Fischer’s scones because you have some big cheese name tag on than to update the blog. And how come you can pay $200 a night to stay in a hotel (prime show price, I’m sure) but they can’t furnish their guests with a decent computer in the lobby?

Oh that’s right, if you were in the lobby, you couldn’t ANY work done because you KNOW everyone walking through the lobby!
We can't afford the Puyallup hotels -- so were down the road at a $89/night LaQuinta. The room was nice, the wireless connection was a joke...

Ok so here’s what I want to know:

What was the hottest booth?
The Bonash booth was JAM PACKED every time I got in that building. Apparently, there were a LOT OF PEOPLE who didn't know about their bonding powder. And, of course, Vogue fabrics was always busy.
What new sewing technique did you learn?
You're kidding, right? I DID NOT GET TO ATTEND A SINGLE CLASS. But the class I would have LOVED to take was Cindy Losekamp's "upside down" -- using heavy thread in your bobbin. It was one of the new two-needle classes and I heard rave reviews.
What new sewing/embroidery tool did you see?
I am DElighted to report that I actually did see A NEW SEWING TOOL..AND I GOT A VIDEO. It's a new ruler, that you use with your rotary cutter, and make automatic prairie points and large ric-rac...keep reading, babe..!
What hands-on class did attendees rave about?
The VERY FIRST class to sell out was Jan Bones lingerie class. We could have filled it five times! She was showing them how to make a knit nightie -- and when I went in there to take pictures, her students were having a great time.

What was your favorite style show?
This year, the style shows were all excellent. And you've gotta know I can't have a "favorite". BUT I can say there was one that was brand new and very different. On Sunday, the design students from BATES Technical School put together a kick-ass fashion show. Their handout was excellent, and they did it just like a New York City Fashion Week show...all music -- no commentary. Their garments were beautifully sewn -- and very edgy. You would have loved it! They ended it with an Elvis impersonater who actually SANG! yes, I have video...keep reading, folks...!
How was the food?
The food at this show is some of the most delicious, most reasonably priced in the show world. Fischer scones, fish & chips, bread bowls of soup...Hey -- WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE??

What booth was the most intriguing?
That's such a good question. I think the Janome booth did a great job with their new location -- and the Upcycle area was SO GOOD. We had a lot of young people coming in there and remaking trash into treasure. Really good stuff...shrugs and ponchos and hats and cut off jeans into totes. It was piled high with mountains of stuff to be recycled and even with all that chaos, everybody seemed to be very calm and serene.

How was the Ya Ya show?
AWESOME. (she said modestly). The Friday Night Live event sold out, and we both loved the projects we were making. Our focus was so much fun -- "Babies, boyfriends and best friends". Mary came to Iowa in December so we could plan the show, shop some thrift stores (always looking for cashmere, y'know), etc. Then, I sew in Iowa and Mary sews in Minnesota. We build the show in two separate locations, not coming together until we get to Puyallup. You've seen our run-throughs, Eileen -- well, this year -- we didn't have one. THAT'S KINDA SCARY...because it was hard to know if we had 90 minutes...would it be too short? too long? how can we know?? This weekend, I'm going to Wisconsin for Lillian's first birthday -- so she'll actually GET some of the baby things that were in the show.

Did the Stalkers show up?
THEY WERE THE BEST PART OF THE SHOW!! Chris and Judy are now in a position of having to "top" their own act every year. This year, I had reserved seats for them...but kept looking out at their empty chairs. They did not enter until the last minute -- and there they were -- dressed like the Blues Brothers. In trench coats,, cark glasses and hats!! OH MY GOD. SOOO FUNNY.

Did you take a picture with them?
OF COURSE i did. But I can't find pictures this morning...I'll post lots in the coming weeks.
Did you announce to the audience Mary’s big news? FOR SURE. They were all delighted for her. The next coupla days, she had women stopping by her booth looking for dating advice...

Did you make her flash her ring?
We had a great camera guy -- Joe -- and he tried to zone in on the ring.

What gifts did you give each other?
HEY -- our big GIFT story at the Ya Ya show was that we pre-determined who would get the "door prizes". And guess who got them? BLOGGERS!! That was really fun for me...I hand-picked who would receive our "prizes". Of course, the stalkers, and Jan and Bonne, and Marilyn and her Mom (friends of mine since my very first Expo), Laura Mendoza (who often writes on the blog to make fun of me), Cathy Swanson (a CTA who survived a bout with cancer this year)...OF COURSE, the quality of these prizes was suspect. Some "mystery CDs" from Designs Magazine -- remember the original Ya Ya Design Your Best Life CD? Well, somehow, I had a pile that was mis-labeled -- and may have been Rita Farro quick gifts instead...HEY -- QUIT WHINING --- IT'S FREE, PEOPLE!!
How many Hey Rita tote bags did you see?
My Hey RITA tote has a very busy life!! And now she has two sister-totes. Jan Potter and Bonne Swett -- and we took SEVERAL PICTURES. I'm also looking forward to posting THOSE pictures in the future...

Did you order pizza in your room and tip the kid $20?
of course. on our first night...

Geesh, I hope you get home soon.
Thanks for missing me...



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  1. Hey Rita,
    I don't always make fun of you:-) I have taken a "before" photo of that sweater. BTW, my 4-H kids have the same opinion as me about it. They are looking forward to how it's going to be "improved."
    Laura (always in Puyallup)