Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spanaway Group

I got this email AFTER I got back to Iowa:

Hi Rita,

I tried to catch up with you during Expo, but I understand how busy you always are. We have a group that we always make something every year and this year we created our own jackets (using Torrence patterns). All 5 of us came up with the same design but different colors. We were told to catch up with you so you can take our pics, but was unsuccessful so I found your email and hope that you can use our pics and use them for next years photos. Let me know.

Tina Torrey
Spanaway, WA
Subject: Re: Pics from Expo

Of course -- I wrote back:

Dear Tina,

GREAT pics!! Please send me your names so I can put it in the blog. Are you all from Spanaway? here are some questions...

Names: (from pic left to right)
Stacey Halvarson, Kathy Ackley (Stacey's mom), Victoria Wilson (Kathy's neice), Debbie Wilson (Victoria's mom), myself Tina Torrey (adopted sister)

where from?
Stacey - Hoquiam, WA
Kathy - Rathdrum, Idaho
Victoria - Bellingham, WA
Debbie - Aberdeen, WA
Tina - Spanaway, WA

how long have you been coming to Expo?
Stacey - 3 yrs
Kathy - 24 yrs
Victoria - 13 yrs
Debbie - 24 years
Tina - 12 yrs

what was your favorite thing this year?
Kathy loved the Olisio new iron. Victoria got a new Janome embroidery machine.

We all really loved the hands on class with Lisa Shaw (except a few had machine problems and never got to finish their projects. Debbie loved the bobbin work seminar. Victoria liked the one seam pants seminar.

I love Cecelia Podolack (Material Things) patterns and now have most of them. I even made a vest and she put it in her booth for showing others. Debbie likes Gypsy bag and flip pocket bag. Victoria likes Lingerie secrets and sew wonderful dreams.

style show?
Never had a chance to watch -- too busy

TELL ME WHAT YA'LL DO...do you stay in a motel? eat out? Where?
There are 3 of us that bring our RV's and stay in the campground behind the fairgrounds and we stay the entire time from Wed - Sun. I was the chef this year, except for Wed where we all go to Red Lobster for our annual kick off. The only man allowed is my husband. We ate all our meals in our RV and we make our own lunches. We did have one newbie from Idaho that loved Expo and will definately be returning and joining us next year. There is also a teenager, she has been coming with her mom (Stacey) for 3 years also and has been making her own clothes.

Share Fischer Scones??
Yes, I always have to buy a dozen for my husband; my best friend can no longer eat them because she is not allowed to have fruit seeds now but they made one special for her with butter only, and the others are trying to lose weight.

C'mon..!! THEY'LL WANT MORE...
Every year we create an outfit for expo. This coming year 2011, we are creating a complete outfit using one seam pants, classic shirt and curvy camosole. The year before 2008, we all made bags to carry our stuff we get an expo. Plus we also have vests that have all the years on it of when we've been coming to Expo. Kathy also makes us expo jewlery every year (necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets, etc.)

We are all wanting to make a suggestion and would LOVE a hands on of a Wild Ginger fitting class (for those of us that have the software since all 5 of us are from different regions of the state including Idaho).

THANK YOU, TINA -- It is a complete joy for us to hear the stories of the girlfriend groups who attend Expo. Your traditions, sewing challenges, etc. I hope Lorraine Torrence reads this blog -- as well as Lisa Shaw. AND the Wild Ginger people certainly SHOULD teach a hands-on class!! Keep those suggestions coming, people -- we're having our planning meeting in MAY THIS YEAR.


  1. Hey Rita
    What Tina neglected to tell you, is that she entered her jacket in the Pink/Red Burda Challenge. I recognized it immediately. She's in album 1 towards the end.
    Laura in Puyallup

  2. YOU'RE RIGHT!! Great job, Tina!!